Personal Trainer

The personal trainer is affordable for everyone and helps alleviate diseases, relieve problem areas as well as weight loss and nutrition/nutrition counseling… How so much of what is successful, comes the personal training from the United States. There, only the Hollywood stars use it first and foremost long time and people with a thick wallet. […]

Glycemic Index

“A slender body is also a question of the setting we have long known that short-term diets more harm than good, because who already through some miracle diets” tormented has, knows also the yo-yo effect. Process what we take off with a radical diet, we pick up quickly again, as soon as we return to […]

Medical School Information

Hypertension affects mainly the heart, brain, kidneys and aorta pathological consequences of hypertension are frequently observed in four tissues: Heart. With increasing pressure, the left ventricular myocardium hypertrophy. Since hypertension is often associated with a higher intensity of atherosclerosis, coronary flow may be insufficient and lead to heart disease. Left ventricular failure is a common […]

Chinese Medicine

Fortunately as the Eastern civilizations, particularly China, provide us with important lessons to learn towards properly managing our energy, keep an eye on them, knowing use in order to optimize results favorablesa while staying active. Thus we find a Chi Kung (Qi Gong), which states, A is a method of exercise of Chinese origin which […]

Wellness Club

The Pan-European success of the women’s sport chain not tear down, on the contrary: Mrs.Sporty has reached with the Club in Dortmund now the proud branch number 400 period of only five years. Over 130,000 enthusiastic women in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland and Italy now train after the successful concept of the Mrs.Sporty. No wonder […]

Training Of The Back Muscles

Prevents also postural training of the back muscles is not important because the optics Everyone wants a beautiful trained back a beautiful back through targeted training of the back muscles. Whether women or men. It is not to build up muscle mountains, but just to get a strong, athletic and above all healthy back. Anyone […]

The Mountain Bike Is The New Trend In Cycling

With the choices bikes on the bike path toward fitness and health. What can be better than to cycle on a balmy summer morning mountain bike through a deserted forest? “enthuses Silke Neumann, their sign multiple champion in Mountain Bike Marathon. In such moments, you can just forget all worries, all the stress and the […]

General Physical Techniques

In addition to the proposed preventive measures exclude altogether from his training in the squat and penetration rods. Take no more than 80-85% of 1RM. Traction only do jog. First, the smaller weight rod, and secondly, it is more practical – useful for lifting the barbell on his chest and bench standing, third will receive […]