Glycemic Index

“A slender body is also a question of the setting we have long known that short-term diets more harm than good, because who already through some miracle diets” tormented has, knows also the yo-yo effect. Process what we take off with a radical diet, we pick up quickly again, as soon as we return to our usual diet, sometimes even a few pounds after the diet. The vicious circle seems so inevitable. The only effective way is to understand our body and to meet its needs. So, the first step to a healthy weight of good feeling is to gain a positive attitude towards ourselves.

In earlier times, it was vital to store fat reserves and effectively exploit calories. Our body is not our enemy so if he has to, he wants to upgrade us only for the next hungry winter. If we know that, we can outsmart ourselves and deal constructively with our appetite. Albert Ellis insists that this is the case. The balance of food and exercise the Living conditions of the people have extremely changed within a few centuries. We move less and less everyday, heavy physical work is done by machines, the food have become this much fattier, sweeter and richer.

So, it’s no wonder that obesity is a problem for more and more people. Eva Andersson-Dubin: the source for more info. Expensive diet pills or radical starvation diets lead us but by our natural needs even further away the right way may be only to compensate for lack of movement through sport and to enjoy the right food. Enjoy gentle energy suppliers who want to loose weight healthy in the long term, should keep especially the carbohydrates and protein at a glance. Protein saturates even over a longer period, with carbohydrates, it’s up the composition. All carbohydrates are converted to sugar, the body as to pure energy. This energy is not our enemy, because without them, we would be unable to survive. Crucial is just what Glycemic Index carbohydrates have, which we eat. Simple sugars such as glucose or sugar sugar can immediately increase blood sugar levels. The result is a high insulin secretion, which throws soon the next attack of cravings. Long-chain carbohydrates, however, supply the correct energy and also long saturated. Whole grain breads, brown rice, potatoes, vegetables, and whole grain noodles are the best basis for balanced meals. Moving to increase the well-being of course it is difficult train himself the necessary self-discipline to the sport after a long period of poor movement. Sports starts but always in the head! Who himself makes clear, that it is easier with every training session, which can motivate even better and sees the first successes quickly. It makes little sense to think about how many calories in a half hour jogging are consumed. It is important to know that muscles use more energy than fat and that a well defined sporty body confidence strengthens a good antidote to unnecessary food out of frustration or boredom.