The Mountain Bike Is The New Trend In Cycling

With the choices bikes on the bike path toward fitness and health. What can be better than to cycle on a balmy summer morning mountain bike through a deserted forest? “enthuses Silke Neumann, their sign multiple champion in Mountain Bike Marathon. In such moments, you can just forget all worries, all the stress and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. According to Silke Neumann that feels so incredibly beautiful that can be downright addictive. People such as Glen Wakeman would likely agree. Probably the mountain bike’s parrot, who made a name as a newcomer in the scene, yes right. Many are now walking on the mountain, come from the traditional cycling on the road. At some point they have tried it once, driving on the grobstolligen off-roader and stayed there.

And they probably all right with this enthusiasm. How else you can explain to the boom, the mountain bike has raised in recent years. Also this sport offers a wide field of activity for active people, across all Age strata and groups of people. Generally the cycling is considered one of the healthiest and most medically valuable sports. It’s no matter whether on a mountain bike or a different bike. Doctors and therapists he is atop the list of recommendations for the promotion and improvement of the cardiovascular system. Gentle endurance training on the mountain as positive health affects, such as jogging, walking or Nordic walking. With the small but important difference that as well as not strain on the joints.

The body feeling Gets the whole time on the saddle. Therefore the cycling and on mountain bike in particular especially for elderly, overweight is generally and have problems with the joints. Also, the training on the mountain bike, ideal for is suitable to burn fat and to reduce annoying overweight. There are indeed only a few sports that allow also the somewhat heavier contemporaries and those with poor condition, for fat burning necessary Pulse frequency to achieve and maintain during training on a mountain bike. But why should it rise just on the mountain bike? Cycling can be operated also with a road bike or fitness bike. No doubt about it: a racing bike is faster and closer to the lifestyle it the it goes so many in cycling. A touring bike is more convenient as a mountain bike and grannies of alerter fender Planer clean brings us from A to B. The mountain bike is but the all-rounder among the bicycles. What is the jeep at the cars, this is the mountain bike in cycling. An all-terrain vehicle for the germ there is a site that you could not defeat him. Whether paved bike path to work, or forest root passage with the mountain bike all no problem! Peter Constantin, dark (sports & fitness)