Thursday Thursday

We recommend that you well dressed to go there, in order to be admitted into it. After midnight, the restaurant turns into a Club Lounge, where people can sip their cocktails at R & B, hip hop, soul, flamenco, electro, House, lounge, 80s, chillout or Brazilian music. The au? unusual Zen decoration will delight you. […]

Bavarian Forest

Country hotel is House of Waldeck in the Bavarian Forest for dog lovers, well equipped in Haidmuhle in the South of the Bavarian Forest is on 20 and 21 February 2010 considered international sled dog race Haidmuhle instead, which at the same time German Championship. About 120 teams will hunt through the snow. An interesting […]

Styria Winter

The absolute highlight is the new \”skyline\” \”Hochsteirische winter\” collection will soon hold. The days are shorter, the nights longer. The temperatures are the forests and snowy fresh, in deep. The high Styria invites you to the winter holidays. The range for winter holidaymakers is diverse: from skiing up to the snow-shoeing on cross-country skiing, […]

Health Travel

The LandVital Aurum health health travel prove uniqueness when the days get shorter and knock the plump raindrops on the window, one craves wellness travel for warmth, for relaxation and a pleasant feeling that reflects the character of warmth and well-being. These moments are rare in life, because they are a special privilege, you must […]

Campsite Porto Of Sosalinos

Choose Porto of Sosalinos for your vacations, one of the few eco-friendly campsites in Sardinia to the vacation in total relax to spend camping & bungalows Porto of Sosalinos is campsite by Roberto family as exceptional and Beate led, it is located just 150 metres from the beach, ideal for anyone who wants to spend […]

Wellness Meets Club

Tourists associate entertainment programs and parties traditionally pampering in an unexpected environment with club facilities. The image of the holiday resorts but turns in recent years. Many vendors have responded to the wellness and turned on the new interests of tourists. Many plants have first-class spas. The online travel agency illuminate the possibilities. Senator […]

Child Family

A weekend – short break is a break from everyday life and leisure strengthens the family ties, family time is – if one parent or both in full-time work, it is often not easy common time to find. An alternative to the long family vacation in the summer can be a long weekend or a […]