Health Travel

The LandVital Aurum health health travel prove uniqueness when the days get shorter and knock the plump raindrops on the window, one craves wellness travel for warmth, for relaxation and a pleasant feeling that reflects the character of warmth and well-being. These moments are rare in life, because they are a special privilege, you must yourself with conviction. For the cold winter days of the year 2009 the country has come up with vital some new offerings for a health holiday health and wellness Academy and they all inspire with a spell that could hardly be more breathtaking. Once again hosted by the professionals of the country can be vital lead Academy in the art of special health and wellness. Targeted content are mediated, the show for health-related travel that you can indulge the guests in your hotel or in the own pension and prove to him, that he is welcome.

A special highlight of this year’s offerings is without a doubt the introduction to the country Vital Aurum health gemstone treatment, the first vital offered health and wellness Academy in the country. The massage was developed by Manuela Wargener is at the heart of this new offer. It is the composition between the warm aromas and unique gemstone beads which brings the face of this application to the rays. With these two compositions health and wellness Academy in Germany are stimulated in the gemstone treatment of the country vital certain points and at the same time also selected meridians. The method carried out there and the warmth is not only very human senses, they ensure that numerous physical ailments can be forgotten. Numerous tensions, but also suffering in terms of physical and mental resolve vital health and wellness Academy with the new gemstone treatment in the country. At the same time, you get the feeling conveyed that it is in good hands.

In the experienced hands of therapists, you can let yourself fall, relax and find that, what in many other life situations already is lost. The vital has country health and wellness Academy but dropped still more new offerings. The stamp massage with warm dune sand and amber oil is like a Symphony for the health and human senses and gently caresses the body at the points where you yearning for comfort and warmth.