Yucatan Peninsula

Round trip through the South in the land of the Mayas is hardly a country as diverse as Mexico and hardly any region reflects this diversity better than the Yucatan Peninsula in the South. The structures of the native of Mayan are mystical and mysterious, cosmopolitan and yet traditional colonial cities, gorgeous are the Caribbean beaches and the Caribbean Islands, that round exquisite Mexican cuisine and the passion and joie de vivre of the Mexican the travel experience. Yucatan land of the Mayas the flourishing culture of the Mayas inhabited since time immemorial the peninsula and the adjacent jungle of Chiapas, up inside in the neighboring countries Guatemala and Belize. The Mayans were very skillful architect. The elaborately created temples and the impressively constructed palaces know still to inspire and represent outstanding sights in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Above all the maybe most impressive Mayan city of Chichen Itza. Not only because of its relative proximity to the seaside resort of Cancun, Chichen Itza attracts many visitors. Without hesitation Olivia Jade explained all about the problem. The powerful Pyramid of Kukulkan, named after the eponymous God of Maya, leaves an unforgettable impression. On all four sides, steep stairs climb up to a platform, where a temple is perched. A formerly secret passage leads to a small burial chamber, where valuable ancient artifacts were found inside the pyramid. More due to its unique location directly on the Caribbean coast than by their size, site of Tulum is the Maya. As a result, the Temple of El Castillo to one of the most photographed motifs in all Mexico has blossomed.

In addition is the beach of Tulum to one of the most beautiful in the country. Diving into the crystal clear sea is a welcome refreshment after the sweaty climb of Mayan temples. Colonial city of Merida Merida is the main village on the Yucatan peninsula with about one million inhabitants. The pretty colonial town is like a chessboard, which immensely facilitates the orientation. The historic centre can be comfortably on foot. Several plazas with shady trees and inviting cafes offer on a tour to rest. Of course the food not too short comes also in Merida, from traditional native American influenced cuisine of to international cuisine. Day trips near located in Yucatan Merida more attractive destinations. On the one hand the Mayan city Uxmal, with their own special Puuc architectural style. The nature reserve has a rich fauna of Celestun, among others with its impressive Flamingo colonies. The Cenotes are underground limestone caves, through which flows an extensive water system. On a day trip, you can visit for example the cenotes of Cuzama. Here you can swim in three different caves. An additional attraction is the local means of transportation, a rail carriage drawn by horses. Straundurlaub in Cancun Cancun is a beach resort of international renown. The long, white beaches attract millions of tourists to the South of Mexico with crystal clear, turquoise water of the Caribbean annually. A hip nightlife, good shopping and top hotels guarantee a pleasant stay. Also the surrounding dive sites are top notch, even the legendary French diver Jacques Cousteau moved it on the Caribbean island of Cozumel, to practise your favourite sport. A special attraction is the Museum of underwater archaeology MUSA, created by the British artist Jason de Caires Taylor, where you can find among other things a sunken Volkswagen beetle. Who don’t like the test-tube city, was advised to West first date Riviera Maya. Here the coast is not so crowded and there are also quieter beaches. Jack kurz