Campsite Porto Of Sosalinos

Choose Porto of Sosalinos for your vacations, one of the few eco-friendly campsites in Sardinia to the vacation in total relax to spend camping & bungalows Porto of Sosalinos is campsite by Roberto family as exceptional and Beate led, it is located just 150 metres from the beach, ideal for anyone who wants to spend a holiday far away from the typical organized vacations. Like you can watch the photo gallery on our website, to make you a picture of the natural beauty that surrounds our camping. If you think, for example, that a walk on the beach is not enough to relax one hundred percent, foot reflexology and Reiki are just a few of the offered massages in our Wellness Centre. If you are looking for does not the rest, Sardinia is campsite Porto of Sosalinos suitable to exert many different sports to it the possibility of the equipment of the kitesurfing on a beautiful to lend little touristy beach just 20 minutes from the camp: we organize courses for beginners to win with short duration to the confidence of the kite under your feet and to create the start in the water. A backpack, bottle of water and a sandwich, camping & bungalows Porto of Sosalinos organizes unforgettable excursions in the heart of Sardinia: from the pristine beaches of Cala Luna, Cala Mariolu, Cala goloritze, Cala Biriola, and Cala Sisine up to the Summit of Monte Corrasi can you choose and of trained mountain guides accompany you to the beaches of Orosei and the Sopramonte. And this is only the beginning: in the camping you can also practice diving, canyoning, climbing, bungy Yumping, boat trips for an unforgettable holiday! The camping is geared to maximum to protect the surrounding countryside of Sardinia: the water is warmed up by the solar panels, so you can approach you in the holiday of nature and its respect. Our flagship product is the bio-reactor to treat wastewater, it allows us naturally to convert wastewater into a clean resource of a chemical nature better than it the law prescribes. What are you waiting for? Our contact camping Sardinia Porto of Sosalinos Web page to organize your holiday in a beautiful natural oasis! Elisa.