Prepaid Health Plans

Nac Dec. 795/94. Municipal rules on the subject or administrative acts must comply with the terms established by current legislation. They are absolutely null and void the concession awarded without complying with the requirement set out in this scheme, establishing priority for the blind or visually impaired. Failure to comply with legal requirements, determine the […]

Toilet Training

Did you know that pressuring your child to leave diapers when is not ready, or when not using a method appropriate to do so, can generate difficulties and traumas? The process should be natural and not forced, it should be like any other learning during childhood, but we can not ignore that it is a […]

Regional Hospital

At the clinic I had a patient into labor, recommended by his sister that had already previously, attended both daughters of a technique of nurses who worked at the Regional Hospital, was first of such ancient, a colleague of these antique had asked a pelvimetry, who was informed in detail and measures concluded that it […]


My Luchito S. friend, was scheduled in SOP but he had family problems and failed that day to work, I already had the permission of the head. So the boss told me Dr. Palacios go to SOP and replace the aforementioned colleague!, when I came to SOP it was all ready, I dressed, I washed […]

Sentimental Influence

As parents are waiting for the health and development of our baby, is why we must be aware that is not only a correct diet, hygiene, and the satisfaction of basic care all that determines the health of our children. As adults, from our own experience we can give us account that throughout our lives, […]


Choose a bright wallpaper with an unobtrusive pattern (or not) – images of animals or "cartoon" characters at first attract the attention of the child, but after some time will tire him. Revive the bright colors will help children color the details: green (the color is soothing, so it is especially appropriate in the bedroom […]


He worked in Chiclayo and a guy white and his wife, who were natives and residents of Chulucanas-city located 50 Km. Piura-. I required for to operate his eldest daughter – my cousin-La gringa but in Piura in Piura? why in any case why there in Piura not Piurano gynecologist opera? They informed me that […]


The main stimulus that induces the production of milk is the baby’s sucking, therefore more often grabs the baby to the breast of mother and how much better this empties, more milk is produced. The amount is adjusted to what your child is taking and the times that emptying the chest a day. The quality […]

Cerebral Palsy

He was seen by the pediatrician, who diagnosed with infantile Cerebral Palsy, and linked it with the programs of physiatry and de ortopedia infantil. Came the first birthday and Jonathan did not raise his head, it moved slowly limbs continuously rigid, it not crawled, only aired unpleasant sounds, apparently not listening to what spoke you, […]

Baby Newborn

To bathe a newborn baby, you should not bathe in a tub. At the beginning, when they still have the navel, only sponge baths should be given. This is done with a washcloth and you should only wash from the cleanest area until the dirtiest area, always with slightly soapy water, first in his face […]