Organic Food

Lately I have been reading articles and discussions on if the organic food is better than the traditional one. I would like to summarize in this article some of the conclusions that I have been able to remove from those readings. The real advantages of the organic food are in: * The use of natural […]

Prepaid Health Plans

Nac Dec. 795/94. Municipal rules on the subject or administrative acts must comply with the terms established by current legislation. They are absolutely null and void the concession awarded without complying with the requirement set out in this scheme, establishing priority for the blind or visually impaired. Failure to comply with legal requirements, determine the […]

National Assembly

For the first Cuba has an autocracy because the population does not have right to vote for different parties that offer different programs or plans of Government and the regime persecutes his opponents. For the latter the revolution comes backwards towards the market and creating a new oligarchy that is increasing inequalities, so these proposed […]