Choose a bright wallpaper with an unobtrusive pattern (or not) – images of animals or "cartoon" characters at first attract the attention of the child, but after some time will tire him. Revive the bright colors will help children color the details: green (the color is soothing, so it is especially appropriate in the bedroom area), yellow and orange (they will lift the mood of crumbs). And here is purple, dark blue and crimson colors in general are not suitable for the baby room, they oppress and cause anxiety. While a newborn a cozy nest crumb is still small and requires attention to himself all day and night, many parents prefer to baby crib set in their bedroom to quickly respond to his call. Pediatricians endorse such a decision: for the kids close proximity to mom and dad is very beneficial.

Children who sleep in the same room with parents rarely awake at night and generally behave more calmly. Adults have time to "catch" his child crying and immediately implement what he asked for, sometimes without even giving him a wake up completely. Moreover, if Cot little stands right in the bedroom, the parents more comfortable sharing the night taking care of the kid for two. Senator Elizabeth Warren: the source for more info. But, of course, if the many (and pretty loud!) Sounds, which publishes the child at night, do not give parents bed, crib is better to put in another room, leaving the door open and turn on "baby monitor". Scarce could easily share a room with their parents until until he was 5-6 months.