The main stimulus that induces the production of milk is the baby’s sucking, therefore more often grabs the baby to the breast of mother and how much better this empties, more milk is produced. The amount is adjusted to what your child is taking and the times that emptying the chest a day. The quality also varies with the needs of the child over time. During the first days, the milk is more yellowish (colostrum) and contains as much protein and anti-infective substances; subsequently appears mature milk. His appearance can seem watery above all at the beginning of the decision since it is towards the end of the same when increasing its content in fat. However, there is no breast milk of poor quality; This always is appropriate to the baby and everything need. It is important, especially in the beginning, that don’t offer the baby pacifiers or bottles. A teat not sucks in the same way as the chest so that the newborn can be confused and then grab the chest with less efficiency.

In addition, this can be the cause of problems such as cracks in the nipple, mastitis and lack of milk in the long run. Nor is it advisable to use teatcups. Cracks arise because the child grabs evil to the chest, so the important thing is to correct the posture (asks for help to your pediatrician, midwife, nurse in Pediatrics or breastfeeding expert. The use of teatcups shortens the duration of lactation and in addition makes it very uncomfortable. While every baby needs to complete a shot is different for each baby and every mother and also varies depending on the age of the baby and an outlet to another. In addition, the composition of milk is not equal at the beginning and at the end of the socket, or in the first days of life or when the baby is 6 months.