Baby Newborn

To bathe a newborn baby, you should not bathe in a tub. At the beginning, when they still have the navel, only sponge baths should be given. This is done with a washcloth and you should only wash from the cleanest area until the dirtiest area, always with slightly soapy water, first in his face and then the rest of the body. Umbilical cord care is very important, if not given the proper attention it can cause an infection and even death. What you recommend to parents is that where the navel, only in that area is where the skin and navel is clean it with alcohol.

Since the baby immune system still not has developed fully, it is necessary to protect it from being exposed to germs of all kinds. You have to say to the brothers that the baby is not a toy and also is not a doll. In addition must beware of not giving him kisses on his face because the older kids can have a flu or something that can cause infection to the baby. Experts recommend that you give him sponge baths until the umbilical cord falls off you which will help prevent any kind of secondary infection. Contact your doctor when the baby give signs of infection, such as the following: If gives your baby fever, or if the color of the umbilical cord looks red and swollen around it, or if the cord continues bleeding, emanates yellowish pus, and produces a foul smelling liquid. Doctors at the American Academy of Pediatrics, recommend use SOAP without flavouring since the baby can sometimes be very sensitive to the perfumes of soaps.