Group Immanuel

More time for the people of high benefits for doctors and patients that covers Immanuel Diakonie group from a broad spectrum of medical and social tasks. These range from Gynecology and obstetrics, Pediatrics and surgery, internal medicine with the supply of rheumatism, oncology and comprehensive treatment in the heart centre with modern cardiology and cardiac […]

Thomas Kuhn

Many causes are possible a hypertension in children under 10 years of age is mostly organic. Most common cause is a kidney disease. Endocrine disorders such as hyperthyroidism, pheochromocytoma, diseases of the nervous system such as a brain tumor or encephalitis and Cushing’s syndrome can lead to a secondary high pressure. While the secondary hypertension […]

Educator Hospital

The purpose of child hospitalization care, is none other than the educate for life, which corresponds to the educator and role that undoubtedly goes beyond the specific work of the health workforce. The pedagogical activity as a complement to medical action in hospitals has taken nature letter for years in different European and American countries. […]

Ataxia Telangectasia

In certain cases, medicines are prescribed add, as tioguanina or vincristina and prednisona, but they are not of great utility. The people whose illness is in remission habitually receive additional chemotherapy (consolidation chemotherapy) one weeks or months after the initial treatment, to assure the destruction of the biggest possible amount of leucmicas cells. Habitually the […]


Vitamin D in pregnancy strengthens the function of the respiratory tract in newborn confirmed the recent study in the journal of Pediatrics that infants who have a vitamin D deficiency at birth, up to six times greater risk for RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) and other viral respiratory infections show up. While children have usually just […]


All health insurance have duration of calendar year, i.e. end 31 December of each year, and therefore, the time of greatest busuqde ade internet health insurance coincides with the end of the year, since in addition to people interested in hiring for the first time this type of insurance, those who seek to improve their […]

The Pediatrician

And is that over the years, we have become accustomed to thinking that a child overweight is a healthy child, because we say that you eat well, even often heard parents say is not chubby, robust and this distorted perception of reality, not allow parents to act towards your child’s health. Another of the above […]

Being Happy

Some pairs arrive at the physical violence, because according to those pairs, deserve to have a lesson. It is a full life of pain and suffering, because once established the relations thus, require of psychological aid to be able to heal. Place for the difference does not exist. To include/understand the love like dependency and […]

Bach Flower

What does the floral action on the magnetic field produce? You have noticed that while some people, objects and places seem to have strong positive magnetism, we are a beneficial influence, others contrary, produce us tension, malaise, discomfort, nervousness? We interact in magnetic fields. We receive energy while we are energy transmitters. Pictures, photos, pets, […]

River Jordan

A good day for one of those accidents of fate found her biological mother, who according to him had abandoned it. They talked and after a while the son asked him if she had really abandoned it and why. The mother responded with the truth and said yes, my son, I you left because you […]