Ataxia Telangectasia

In certain cases, medicines are prescribed add, as tioguanina or vincristina and prednisona, but they are not of great utility. The people whose illness is in remission habitually receive additional chemotherapy (consolidation chemotherapy) one weeks or months after the initial treatment, to assure the destruction of the biggest possible amount of leucmicas cells. Habitually the level of the brain is not necessary treatment and the treatment of maintenance does not seem to improve the survival. The transplant of ssea marrow can be become fullfilled in sick people who had not answered to the treatment and in youngest than they had answered to the first phase of the treatment, in order to eliminate the residual leucmicas cells. ACUTE LEUCEMIAS LINFIDES (LLA) the acute leukemia are a neoplsica illness of the fabric hematopotico, characterized for the abnormal proliferation of the cells ancestors who lose the capacity of maturation and/or differentiation. Classificada in L1, L2 and L3 80% leucemias in children (the 2 5 years) Prevalncia white color and masculine sex A Leucemia Linfide Aguda (LLA) corresponds the fence three-quarter of all approximately the just-diagnosised cases of leukemia in the etria band taken care of by the pediatrics (of 0 the 18 incomplete years) and the one room of all the cases of neoplasia (extreme growth of cells) malignant of infancy.