All health insurance have duration of calendar year, i.e. end 31 December of each year, and therefore, the time of greatest busuqde ade internet health insurance coincides with the end of the year, since in addition to people interested in hiring for the first time this type of insurance, those who seek to improve their health insurance. We find several types of offers, but we will focus on clearly speak of what should be already required to modern health insurance. As essential requisimo, co-payments of any kind should not be accepted. The copayment is the amount payable by each medical visit. These payments more expensive insurance and also do that every month a different receipt reaches us.

Companies truly interested in capturing new customers eliminate these co-payments forever. Large box doctor not saturated. Some companies have trimmed offered medical boxes and for example in Pediatrics, it eliminated clinical; This is due to the saturation of certain health centres by the mass use by some companies that until recently were almost monopoly on this type of insurance in Spain. Monitor the inclusion of specific specialties in the health centre that interests us. Finally, it can happen enter November with a price and already in January having the first upload of the insurance. Ensure that facilitated by the end of year price is valid for all the following annuity. The example of the Medifiatc health insurance met these requirements, have no copays for ever, will not rise until January 2012, and offers prices from 39 euros per month to 45 years of age. Medifiatc is an option, there’s more, but is usually beneficial to flee from companies with more branding and ads on TV, although pareza a cliche is true, just need to compare conveniently.