Group Immanuel

More time for the people of high benefits for doctors and patients that covers Immanuel Diakonie group from a broad spectrum of medical and social tasks. These range from Gynecology and obstetrics, Pediatrics and surgery, internal medicine with the supply of rheumatism, oncology and comprehensive treatment in the heart centre with modern cardiology and cardiac surgery services to the Psychiatry, addiction help, care in old age as well as family and lives consulting, social counselling and accommodation assistance. With its 65 different facilities and about 2,300 employees, the Immanuel Diakonie group is a significant network of free welfare in the region of Berlin-Brandenburg, Thuringia and of Styria/Austria. The new building starting Immanuel Klinik Rudersdorf with new solutions in a new era. The Group thus closer to a big step the aim of central management of all information covered in the clinic and documents, as well as the integration of medical and administrative systems.

In addition to the medical documents, the Immanuel Diakonie GmbH as commercial enterprises must manage a wide variety of documents and information. Therefore, not only the archived patient record and the electronic personnel file-be introduced, but at the same time an electronic archive system for E-Mail and file server archiving. In addition those responsible have opted for the process optimization through an input invoice workflow with automated invoice readout in accounting. Decisive for the choice of the software solution of OPTIMAL integration into the existing IT infrastructure, as HIM QCare and SAP SYSTEMS is, combined with many years of experience and the valuable expertise which bpi solutions and the best system as system integrators. This involves not only the question of technical feasibility. The guiding principle is to ensure an excellently organised medical care of inpatient and outpatient patients at the highest level. The doctors now are to the patient’s chart of the hospital information system, all the Patient data associated documents and multimedia objects button available.