Bach Flower

What does the floral action on the magnetic field produce? You have noticed that while some people, objects and places seem to have strong positive magnetism, we are a beneficial influence, others contrary, produce us tension, malaise, discomfort, nervousness? We interact in magnetic fields. We receive energy while we are energy transmitters. Pictures, photos, pets, places, animals, plants have this property. PCRM gathered all the information. Flower essences also. They carry subtle information and we can make that they operate beautifully on our magnetic field by facilitating a change of realities of positive characteristics. By action of the flower on the magnetic field, produces a State of faith and clarity that prints determination towards the correct actions. Also by action of flower power, we are approaching people, objects places whose characteristics will favour us. Disturbing mental structures get broken by a simple change of polarity effect.

At the same time influences the environment contrary to our development to debug or move away. We are advantaged from a plane very subtle, imperceptible even though we recognize the floral action. We are more open to energy influences of the positive range. It says things that happen when we take Bach flower remedies. Indeed, in multiple ways, both in the dream during the Vigil, new interconnections and synergistic flows, laying down and this is how wonderful and inexplicable things before all floral adventure happen.

These mysterious and wonderful things are usually incidental encounters, the uptake of new or innovative ideas that the mind can intercept. These energy influences widening our range of behaviors, so is how they expand reality becoming more colorful, dynamic and interesting. In this sense, REd Chestnut, Chestnut Bud, Walnut floral works, provide the ability to print an additional impulse to the work of a flower by facilitating us entry into a State of alert productive, achieve a perception more tuned, find meaning to experience and establish favourable subtle contacts to achieve balance, clarity, efficiency, health.