I wait its arrival with the heart beating in the compass of as of the clock! Suddenly I hear the racket of the attrition of the tire in the land, breaching the silence of the night! Eyes in the eyes, abraos and kisses, we kill the homesickness in fraction of seconds. The clock stops. Music […]

Health Spa

Health Manager Simone Reiter cares in Garmisch Godfather churches the theme BGM in addition to the prevention measures within a company, such as ergonomic design of workplaces and accident prevention, especially the strengthening of the responsibility of employees among the tasks of occupational health management (BGM) for their health. However, are difficult to implement for […]

Federal Youth Games

Only a self-designed apartment provides appropriate flair wall decals, which are offered in various designs are the trend in the design of the wall. In home improvement stores, interior decorators and online shops can be found practically in every room of the matching wall decals. Thus, you can add a personal touch to the walls […]

Emergency Care

If not now, when will be announced. It’s so many people in Germany: maintain at home their parents, other family members, as well as marriage and life partner up to self-sacrifice. Back in the background every day personal interests, some basic needs, recurring tasks such as help getting up, hygiene, and undressing, preparing and administering […]

Properly Ventilate Premises

The mold in the apartment don’t stand a chance give the winter is just around the corner and thus increase the cost of the heating again. Financial reasons everyone would of course keep its costs as low as possible. The environment benefits as well. New objects have a good thermal insulation. That saves, but also […]

The Aura

Aura, in addition to nourishing energy from other energy carriers with us, for example, rays the sun and ozone, other people and animals. The color of the aura. Many assume that people can share in their shade aupy. For example, the dominant blue color characteristic of highly spiritual person. Orange color displays emotional type of […]

Natural Environment

As much the natural environment, how much the transformed environment, is resulted of the action of the man and of the society, thus it must be understood as, social environment. Moreover, having as base the appropriation of the ground urban, the same one finished unchaining a series of problems, amongst which, the occupation and inadequate […]