Health Spa

Health Manager Simone Reiter cares in Garmisch Godfather churches the theme BGM in addition to the prevention measures within a company, such as ergonomic design of workplaces and accident prevention, especially the strengthening of the responsibility of employees among the tasks of occupational health management (BGM) for their health. However, are difficult to implement for many persons prevention in everyday life. Here the concept is applied fit and powerful of health holiday in the operation, which was developed by the Health Manager Simone Reiter. A similar concept is already since years with the Audi group and the BBK as there company health insurance already being implemented. Simone Reiter graduated in the fall of 2010 to the Bachelor of Arts in health management at the German University of prevention and health management (DHfPG) and now works for the health resort of Garmisch Godfather churches in the area of health promotion / health management in business (BGM). The tasks of the Among other health-oriented event offers and cooperation with different health insurance companies include health Manager. Simone Reiter is just engaged in cooperation with other companies to provide company-specific health-related travel on the legs. The Simone Reiter shows vividly, as graduates of the DHfPG can see also career prospects is with their varied expertise, which lie outside the classical fitness and health industry.

By the children’s nurse as a health Manager in 1999, Simone Reiter began their career with training as pediatric nurse. But the urge was fascinated with me knowledge of health and medicine still and I decided to study health management”at the German University to complete. There knowledge is encouraged me to focus my future professional prevention and BGM on the area. Simone Reiter worked after graduating first, then as a research assistant for the Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) in Munich: I was employed in the Department of health science.