The Aura

Aura, in addition to nourishing energy from other energy carriers with us, for example, rays the sun and ozone, other people and animals. The color of the aura. Many assume that people can share in their shade aupy. For example, the dominant blue color characteristic of highly spiritual person. Orange color displays emotional type of person. I believe that this is false. Aura can not be evaluated solely on one basic hue. Aura sensitive to colors.

It responds to the color of the walls, clothes and all that surrounds us. This also explained by the fact that people have different preferences in color. For example, if you prefer red or pink, it means that you have an active chakra – Anahata, or, in other words, the active center of the heart, which gives emanation of the green. Red and pink colors give different shades of green, which are in harmony with such an aura. The impact of color is commonly used in hospitals or institutions in order to calm the anxious and excited people and bring them back to normal. Pink color is best suited for this – it's on an emotional level, the color of happiness and love.

After all, say, the aura of the mother for the first time who saw her newborn baby is beautiful, she glows with love. There is a science devoted to the careful application of colors. Its name – color therapy. Through the clothes you can not get the exact kind of aura.