Properly Ventilate Premises

The mold in the apartment don’t stand a chance give the winter is just around the corner and thus increase the cost of the heating again. Financial reasons everyone would of course keep its costs as low as possible. The environment benefits as well. New objects have a good thermal insulation. That saves, but also has the effect, that more solid ventilation must be respected. The topic airing is a special, often providing emotional discussions between landlord and tenant.

The House Administration Gamdhi from Giessen explains how proper ventilation helps to prevent trouble. The mold give no chance new buildings are no longer affected by leaky doors and Windows. This however also means that a proper ventilation is even more important. Unless it gets no more air, without having to open the window. Besides, there is a controlled housing ventilation.

The modern construction helps to reduce energy costs. If at the same time but does not regularly review is ventilation, leads it to do so, that there is a poor climate in the rooms. And even worse: incorrect or even no ventilation can be the cause of mold. The subject of mold in the home is always a very emotional tension between tenants and landlords or management appointed by him. Everyone assigns blame the other. Structural defects may be equally eligible. Still applies to tenants: better prevent and properly ventilate. So is it even on the safe side and no risk comes in, even being the “polluter pays”. Who correctly airs and heats, contributes to a healthy environment in the living areas and ensures that mould endangers the health of not. For detailed information about all services the House Administration Gamdhi casting available at any time. Press contact property management Gierschner contact person: Mr Gamdhi fountain trail 3 35394 Giessen Tel.: 06 41 / 93 02 86 fax: 06 41 / 93 02 88 E-Mail: website: