Natural Environment

As much the natural environment, how much the transformed environment, is resulted of the action of the man and of the society, thus it must be understood as, social environment. Moreover, having as base the appropriation of the ground urban, the same one finished unchaining a series of problems, amongst which, the occupation and inadequate exploration urban natural surrounding it. It is not of interest of this work, to argue questions as, of sanitation or the garbage, for example, that, although to be directly on to problematic ambient the urban one and to intervene with the quality of life of the city dwellers, transcedem the reflections of analysis of the present moment. yes, to present one brief quarrel on the urban environment. Soon, what it is intended in this work is to explanar, at a first moment, the city from the espacialidade and of the social relations in its social and historical nature. Being followed, with the characterization of the social environment, differentiating it of the natural one, beyond to approach some characteristics of the new face of the urban planning.

2 URBAN ENVIRONMENT Regarding city, is essential to think it while materialization of the general conditions of the production process about its totality. In concurrence, the geographic process if creates and if it develops to the measure that the society is developed. Such fact happens by means of the production process, that is, for the work, what it becomes the society more each materialized time. Moreover, she is necessary to leave of concepts, which assist in the understanding, its constitution and the transformations for which the city passes. To endorse in this source means to think the city from the espacialidade, of the social relations in its nature, social and historical. In the same direction, Carlos (1997) affirms that, Must itself be remembered that the city has the dimension of the human being reflecting and multiplying through the movement of the life, of a specific time that has in the base the construction process human being (CARLOS, 1997, p.61 here).