Prepaid Health Plans

Nac Dec. 795/94. Municipal rules on the subject or administrative acts must comply with the terms established by current legislation. They are absolutely null and void the concession awarded without complying with the requirement set out in this scheme, establishing priority for the blind or visually impaired. Failure to comply with legal requirements, determine the official responsibility under Article 1112 of the Civil Code. LAW A.

.. A 100% full coverage by the Social Work and Prepaid Health Plans that must meet the same benefits, this includes rehabilitation therapies, early stimulation, psychology, educational psychology, speech therapy, occupational therapy, psycho-physical rehabilitation center, school therapy, physical rehabilitation, provision of orthotic and prosthetic devices, wheelchairs, disposable diapers, holistic dentistry, study Genetic and all other rehabilitation or therapy. Transportation to 0.35 pesos kilometer round trip plus 35% if the person needs help to raise and lower. Education as both common and special school teacher integrator / a. Admission to home with therapeutic school, home to the day center. Prevention and control diagnostic studies but not within the prepaid services provided by social or work and those designed to bring prevention or early detection of disabilities.

Family Group family group counseling, diagnosis and counseling to relatives of people with genetic disabilities hereditary. Other services care by specialists who do not belong to the body of professional social work or prepaid but indispensable to intervene, among many others and should be covered whenever they are properly identified by the treating professional.

Toilet Training

Did you know that pressuring your child to leave diapers when is not ready, or when not using a method appropriate to do so, can generate difficulties and traumas? The process should be natural and not forced, it should be like any other learning during childhood, but we can not ignore that it is a topic that generates much anguish and anxiety in parents and which is transmitted to the children. Avoid aggressive situations is highly advisable, in no time the child should associate this learning to let diaper with this type of conduct by parents, which may include screams and sometimes physical punishments, which often correspond to subconsciously we lost control, the situation beyond us and where we have evidence that the method we use is not thenthe appropriate. When the process occurs in a traumatic way, can cause fears in our children, which may include that of not doing what is expected of them, or do not comply with the expectations of parents. Afraid to go to the bathroom, to sit in it, which can cause uncontrollable crying. Anxiety and nervousness, lack of self-confidence, and when in our despair we have used any other hurtful Word, sadly ended by undermine the self-esteem of our small, without the intention of doing so. A child who is not ready, and is pressed to do so can become timid, not wanting to go to places for fear of wet clothes, or we can create the opposite effect and this wetting on all sides, generating shame us with our family and friends. And where arguably in both cases the child is not feeling well with himself. On some occasions we can generate also hose narrowing and constipaciones or retaining urine for long periods of time, which undoubtedly ends in a pediatrician’s Office. See my book leave the diaper, guides you step through, and will help you avoid traumas, fears and conflict situations with your son.

Regional Hospital

At the clinic I had a patient into labor, recommended by his sister that had already previously, attended both daughters of a technique of nurses who worked at the Regional Hospital, was first of such ancient, a colleague of these antique had asked a pelvimetry, who was informed in detail and measures concluded that it was a ginecoide pelvistouch was not palpable promontory, so decided on a normal delivery, was righteous, ordered the evolution to Alvarado and well stayed in the clinic two hours I communicates the colleague who not fucked, dije le hydrate and let me know, I notice very little dilates and contractions are bad and heartbeat? are good! – he told me -, so stimulation! – said – according to the Protocol to slow at the start dripping and controlling heartbeat, at 2 o’clock I again call master not dilates is at 5 to 6! And has broken membranes do and the color of the liquid as it is? – asked – master green! – answered me – after a while because I was in the place the facts, the family was nervous, Dr. best operate it! quiet, I will evaluate it! – I told them – was indeed with 5 cm. Learn more at this site: Dr. Neal Barnard. Expansion and the thick green liquid! holy God! but had a neck with 100% of effacement, was a thin fabric of onion thank you Lord! – babbles – and with my fingers on the neck, I burst out Jet serum with oxytocin, I waited the contraction stronger than expected and when did Dilate slim neck with all my strength, highlight it on the top of the shell I did it bid and the fetus fell to the birth canal Sales or you sack of!! hairs! – I noticed you – now yes to the delivery room quick Alvarado already on the stretcher release back to Jet the serum with oxytocin which generated a strong contraction and the fetus came out quickie, shouting and guinando me with his eyes, – worked the threat – the pediatrician did a gastric lavage, bathed him, cold it and tucked it in its crib.! While I suturaba the episiotomy, outside the family It was celebrated.


My Luchito S. friend, was scheduled in SOP but he had family problems and failed that day to work, I already had the permission of the head. So the boss told me Dr. Palacios go to SOP and replace the aforementioned colleague!, when I came to SOP it was all ready, I dressed, I washed and I went into the operating room, was relatively new, almost not knew me, I greeted, my assistant was an obstetrician, the paediatrician was Dr. For assistance, try visiting Dr. John Mcdougall. Does Solis wife of doctor – Director, I found on my site, the anesthesiologist? ngel gave him the Raquidea and granted me start doctor!… I started with all the speed that my training had given me and actually found a few little ones feet, stretched them, slide the body out and with the respective manoeuvres rotated and pulled his shoulders and finally came the head in a perfect as book! synchronization… I think I had never left something so perfect, but so perfect that looked like a work of art, the child stirred screaming in my hands and be the I gave the nurse that always accompanies the pediatrician, who with mocionada for perfection began to APPLAUD in full operating room with such excitement that the rest he had no choice but imitate it was the first time that I applauded after a birth!, I touched by an unusual and surprising gesture welcomed by joining my hands and continue with Caesarean section. Other operations that I did that day I made imbued with an unforgettable emotion. Original author and source of the article

Sentimental Influence

As parents are waiting for the health and development of our baby, is why we must be aware that is not only a correct diet, hygiene, and the satisfaction of basic care all that determines the health of our children. As adults, from our own experience we can give us account that throughout our lives, our State of mind influences the decision-making capacity and in many aspects of our life. We cannot act in pursuit of the enormous influence of the feelings about our health. But bear in mind that our State’s mood influences on children’s health is very different. Senator Elizabeth Warren: the source for more info. Few take real awareness that our own emotionality is able to influence positively or negatively on the health of babies. Throughout the day, a baby experience different States of mood. Many times everyday situations so disoriented and do not know how to react; We see them mixed joy, surprise and crying with astonishing ease. Us influence in this even when we do not want to do it, because all the time we communicate with He and various forms. McDougall Program may also support this cause.

We can not avoid it, our moods governed their behavior and marks it for present and future behaviors. Children learn to view the world from those with whom they share their time. This is how without realizing we inclined him to certain behaviors, until when we disagree with them. Pediatricians emphasize that happy children grow healthier. The day-to-day obligations do not give us truce and pressures we moved to all areas, but these obligations must not prevent us to enjoy pleasurable and distended moments. Enjoy the small things, is one of the most rewarding pleasures in life to learn to appreciate and enjoy the time with our children, it is giving us and give health.


Choose a bright wallpaper with an unobtrusive pattern (or not) – images of animals or "cartoon" characters at first attract the attention of the child, but after some time will tire him. Revive the bright colors will help children color the details: green (the color is soothing, so it is especially appropriate in the bedroom area), yellow and orange (they will lift the mood of crumbs). And here is purple, dark blue and crimson colors in general are not suitable for the baby room, they oppress and cause anxiety. While a newborn a cozy nest crumb is still small and requires attention to himself all day and night, many parents prefer to baby crib set in their bedroom to quickly respond to his call. Pediatricians endorse such a decision: for the kids close proximity to mom and dad is very beneficial.

Children who sleep in the same room with parents rarely awake at night and generally behave more calmly. Adults have time to "catch" his child crying and immediately implement what he asked for, sometimes without even giving him a wake up completely. Moreover, if Cot little stands right in the bedroom, the parents more comfortable sharing the night taking care of the kid for two. Senator Elizabeth Warren: the source for more info. But, of course, if the many (and pretty loud!) Sounds, which publishes the child at night, do not give parents bed, crib is better to put in another room, leaving the door open and turn on "baby monitor". Scarce could easily share a room with their parents until until he was 5-6 months.


He worked in Chiclayo and a guy white and his wife, who were natives and residents of Chulucanas-city located 50 Km. Piura-. I required for to operate his eldest daughter – my cousin-La gringa but in Piura in Piura? why in any case why there in Piura not Piurano gynecologist opera? They informed me that there were not very happy history of previous c-sections, so I could not refuse to such requirement, was scheduled for 7 o’clock, departed in EMTRAFESA at 4 in the afternoon, my parents lived in this city, got missing half an hour, I went to my parents, a toilet flying and I went to the clinicin a taxi, which allowed me to explore landscapes, streets and parks that years that hadn’t seen, where had walked so many years and so many memories I brought I greeted my cousin, her husband who was there and the rest of the family met the medical anesthesiologist, pediatrician, my assistant and the entire staff of SOP. well because I was all ready, I entered the Surgery Center, I dressed, I washed and went into the operating room there was the patient, my cousin, fearful I reassured her and after the order of the anesthesiologist I started operation normal dissection, without major incidents, Pfannestiel, Monro-Kerr newborn went very well, with good Apgar, 30 minutes had passed and we had already finished, I left in your roomI departi with her husband – my friend – I left the team of doctors, entrusting to my assistant the patient’s evolution, so I returned immediately to Chiclayo. I went to bid farewell to my parents, had dinner and went to go and back streets of Piura. My native land – great unit school San Miguel de Piura, where had studied at 2 in the morning about came to Chiclayo, where resided in those years. It was the first and only time that I had the operation in Piura. I ended up full of memories and nostalgia and with the satisfaction of having brought to the world, this sweet, and cruel world to a new human being, what allows us to assert that the duty and professionalism go hand in hand, when it comes to serve and make happy the family..


The main stimulus that induces the production of milk is the baby’s sucking, therefore more often grabs the baby to the breast of mother and how much better this empties, more milk is produced. The amount is adjusted to what your child is taking and the times that emptying the chest a day. The quality also varies with the needs of the child over time. During the first days, the milk is more yellowish (colostrum) and contains as much protein and anti-infective substances; subsequently appears mature milk. His appearance can seem watery above all at the beginning of the decision since it is towards the end of the same when increasing its content in fat. However, there is no breast milk of poor quality; This always is appropriate to the baby and everything need. It is important, especially in the beginning, that don’t offer the baby pacifiers or bottles. A teat not sucks in the same way as the chest so that the newborn can be confused and then grab the chest with less efficiency.

In addition, this can be the cause of problems such as cracks in the nipple, mastitis and lack of milk in the long run. Nor is it advisable to use teatcups. Cracks arise because the child grabs evil to the chest, so the important thing is to correct the posture (asks for help to your pediatrician, midwife, nurse in Pediatrics or breastfeeding expert. The use of teatcups shortens the duration of lactation and in addition makes it very uncomfortable. While every baby needs to complete a shot is different for each baby and every mother and also varies depending on the age of the baby and an outlet to another. In addition, the composition of milk is not equal at the beginning and at the end of the socket, or in the first days of life or when the baby is 6 months.

Cerebral Palsy

He was seen by the pediatrician, who diagnosed with infantile Cerebral Palsy, and linked it with the programs of physiatry and de ortopedia infantil. Came the first birthday and Jonathan did not raise his head, it moved slowly limbs continuously rigid, it not crawled, only aired unpleasant sounds, apparently not listening to what spoke you, but his mother, while all doctors assuring him that the functional prognosis of the child was very bad, persisted in that it made the miracle of one day seeing his son as a normal childwalking and talking and playing like all children in the neighborhood. Attending an appointment for review every three months and Sometimes it ahead appointments to inform their treating doctors that while the child not wandering, he neither showed signs that did suspect that the child could understand their orders, she if she was almost sure that the little understood everything that she would talk to him. He underwent several surgeries, the vast majority of them failed by their severe spasticity, and despite all their parents continued attending without falter, appointments to improve the poor quality of the child’s life. Doctors were completely sure that Jonathan did not show nor would show no progress, and if he was offered the possibility of surgery scheduled for that date, only intended that this intervention would serve to soothe their ailments, partially relaxing their adductor muscles, and placing the hip in place, warning parents that was only as a palliative methodto alleviate his pain. I was stunned when the mother of Jonathan in a stealthy manner and with tears in his eyes, asked me suppliant and determined, while loaded with difficulty your child, that if in surgery presented some complication, we stop him dying, that it should request the anesthesiologist not to do anything to save him.It is possible that this mother acongojada and starving, I would like to return the time to ask your obstetrician and pediatrician that participated in the birth of the infant to save her life after a prolonged hypoxia, that do not carry out the maneuvers of resuscitation, whose result was to give them an almost inanimate, snatched from the hands of death, being for submission to a continuous sufferingnot only to him but also to his family.

Baby Newborn

To bathe a newborn baby, you should not bathe in a tub. At the beginning, when they still have the navel, only sponge baths should be given. This is done with a washcloth and you should only wash from the cleanest area until the dirtiest area, always with slightly soapy water, first in his face and then the rest of the body. Umbilical cord care is very important, if not given the proper attention it can cause an infection and even death. What you recommend to parents is that where the navel, only in that area is where the skin and navel is clean it with alcohol.

Since the baby immune system still not has developed fully, it is necessary to protect it from being exposed to germs of all kinds. You have to say to the brothers that the baby is not a toy and also is not a doll. In addition must beware of not giving him kisses on his face because the older kids can have a flu or something that can cause infection to the baby. Experts recommend that you give him sponge baths until the umbilical cord falls off you which will help prevent any kind of secondary infection. Contact your doctor when the baby give signs of infection, such as the following: If gives your baby fever, or if the color of the umbilical cord looks red and swollen around it, or if the cord continues bleeding, emanates yellowish pus, and produces a foul smelling liquid. Doctors at the American Academy of Pediatrics, recommend use SOAP without flavouring since the baby can sometimes be very sensitive to the perfumes of soaps.