Group Immanuel

More time for the people of high benefits for doctors and patients that covers Immanuel Diakonie group from a broad spectrum of medical and social tasks. These range from Gynecology and obstetrics, Pediatrics and surgery, internal medicine with the supply of rheumatism, oncology and comprehensive treatment in the heart centre with modern cardiology and cardiac surgery services to the Psychiatry, addiction help, care in old age as well as family and lives consulting, social counselling and accommodation assistance. With its 65 different facilities and about 2,300 employees, the Immanuel Diakonie group is a significant network of free welfare in the region of Berlin-Brandenburg, Thuringia and of Styria/Austria. The new building starting Immanuel Klinik Rudersdorf with new solutions in a new era. The Group thus closer to a big step the aim of central management of all information covered in the clinic and documents, as well as the integration of medical and administrative systems.

In addition to the medical documents, the Immanuel Diakonie GmbH as commercial enterprises must manage a wide variety of documents and information. Therefore, not only the archived patient record and the electronic personnel file-be introduced, but at the same time an electronic archive system for E-Mail and file server archiving. In addition those responsible have opted for the process optimization through an input invoice workflow with automated invoice readout in accounting. Decisive for the choice of the software solution of OPTIMAL integration into the existing IT infrastructure, as HIM QCare and SAP SYSTEMS is, combined with many years of experience and the valuable expertise which bpi solutions and the best system as system integrators. This involves not only the question of technical feasibility. The guiding principle is to ensure an excellently organised medical care of inpatient and outpatient patients at the highest level. The doctors now are to the patient’s chart of the hospital information system, all the Patient data associated documents and multimedia objects button available.

Thomas Kuhn

Many causes are possible a hypertension in children under 10 years of age is mostly organic. Most common cause is a kidney disease. Endocrine disorders such as hyperthyroidism, pheochromocytoma, diseases of the nervous system such as a brain tumor or encephalitis and Cushing’s syndrome can lead to a secondary high pressure. While the secondary hypertension causally can be treated at least partially by the treatment of the reason suffering and thus, this is not the case in essential hypertension. In adolescents, the blood pressure in 85 to 95% of all cases is essential.

Important Risk factors are a familial hypertension and an increased body-mass-index (BMI: body weight in kg/body length in m square). Sleep disorders such as snoring and sleep apnea may increase the risk of developing an essential high pressure. Therefore, the doctor and the healer when the history will ask also for sleep problems such as waking up during the night, snoring, sleep difficulties, pronounced fatigue during the day. (National high blood pressure education program working group of high blood pressure in children and adolescents, the 4th report of the diagnosis, elution, and treatment of high blood pressure in children. Pediatrics 14, no.

2 (2004) 555-576). Priv.-Doz. calls for early diagnosis prevents damage as early as possible to diagnose a hypertension, should investigate the doctor and the healer in all child patients from the age of 3. routinely blood pressure”. Dr. Thomas Kuhn. At least three independent measurements or a 24-hour measurement are necessary to “Diagnose hypertension” to clearly. The diagnosis is of great importance for the child and the young people. He or she is what attracts first non-drug, then possibly drug therapy measures of ill be classified as. The method of blood pressure measurement suitable for children is the method Riva Rocci and Korotkov. Blood pressure is measured on the upper arm, the upper arm in a horizontal position to the rib cage has to be.

Educator Hospital

The purpose of child hospitalization care, is none other than the educate for life, which corresponds to the educator and role that undoubtedly goes beyond the specific work of the health workforce. The pedagogical activity as a complement to medical action in hospitals has taken nature letter for years in different European and American countries. He is known that in past decades many hospitals Pediatrics services were closed even to parents and there was no place for the education of children in this environment so rigid. Hospital pedagogy constitutes a special mode of understanding the pedagogy. It is oriented and configured by the indisputable fact of the disease and framed by the concrete area that constitutes the hospital institution where carried out. Offered as a revitalised pedagogy of life and for life, which constitutes a constant experiential communication between the life of the learner and the educator life, and take advantage of any situation, by painful as it may seem, to enrich afflicted by it who, turning their suffering into learning (Lizasoain, 2000). In this same line, the Valley and Villanezo (1993) clarified that hospital pedagogy is not a closed but multidisciplinary science that is still defining its object of study to respond to situations which, in the conjunction of the health and education fields, society is demanding, making equally necessary care programs the convalescent child, i.e.conceiving the convalescence at home as an extension of the period of hospitalisation. The hospitable educator must possess a series of personal and professional characteristics that facilitate its work and facilitating the full development in this particular medium: personal characteristics: maturity and personal balance to live and deal with certain experiences of the hospital environment. -Openness, flexibility, sensitivity and communication skills that facilitate positive personal relationships. -Be capable of understand and solve any emotional situation of the child against the sense of pain, disease and death.

Ataxia Telangectasia

In certain cases, medicines are prescribed add, as tioguanina or vincristina and prednisona, but they are not of great utility. The people whose illness is in remission habitually receive additional chemotherapy (consolidation chemotherapy) one weeks or months after the initial treatment, to assure the destruction of the biggest possible amount of leucmicas cells. Habitually the level of the brain is not necessary treatment and the treatment of maintenance does not seem to improve the survival. The transplant of ssea marrow can be become fullfilled in sick people who had not answered to the treatment and in youngest than they had answered to the first phase of the treatment, in order to eliminate the residual leucmicas cells. ACUTE LEUCEMIAS LINFIDES (LLA) the acute leukemia are a neoplsica illness of the fabric hematopotico, characterized for the abnormal proliferation of the cells ancestors who lose the capacity of maturation and/or differentiation. Classificada in L1, L2 and L3 80% leucemias in children (the 2 5 years) Prevalncia white color and masculine sex A Leucemia Linfide Aguda (LLA) corresponds the fence three-quarter of all approximately the just-diagnosised cases of leukemia in the etria band taken care of by the pediatrics (of 0 the 18 incomplete years) and the one room of all the cases of neoplasia (extreme growth of cells) malignant of infancy.


Vitamin D in pregnancy strengthens the function of the respiratory tract in newborn confirmed the recent study in the journal of Pediatrics that infants who have a vitamin D deficiency at birth, up to six times greater risk for RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) and other viral respiratory infections show up. While children have usually just a cold without vitamin D deficiency, viral infections in premature babies and children with chronic diseases provide a pronounced clinical picture, which can be influenced by the many available activities only insufficiently. In addition, the quality of life of young patients is also affected by demonstrably in the first three years after the birth. Further details can be found at TreeOf Life, an internet resource. Vitamin-D intake prevents the frequency and the severity of the disease in childhood during pregnancy”, – says Dr. Louis Bont of the University children’s Hospital in Utrecht, Netherlands. It becomes gradually clear, what great immune regulatory role in the prevention of “Respiratory diseases, as well as in strengthening the function of the sunshine vitamin” plays.

Especially in the comparatively light poor European countries, maintaining the level of vitamin D in the blood level is extremely important. The natural way however, to remedy the deficiency of this vitamin through much sunlight or food that matched, especially in pregnancy because of the many undesirable effects, such as pigmentation and subsequent weight gain, is questionable. The practical solution to compensate for a lack of vitamin D, is the supply of vitamin D in the form of additional preparations. So, even pregnant women can contribute to a passive immunization of your child’s intake of supplements with vitamin D. For this reason, the specialist for parent and toddler medicine offers its preparations for pregnant and breast-feeding women with additional vitamin D. Here you will find all products for women intending to become pregnant and pregnant at a glance: mammoth prenatal No. 1 is a product specially designed for women with fertility and Pregnant until the end of the third month of pregnancy and contains high-dose folic acid for the double need at the beginning of the pregnancy with vitamin D, B6, B12, iodine and zinc. Mammoth No. 2 is aimed at pregnant women from the fourth month – with extra vitamin D, folic acid and zinc. Mammoth without iodine is designed for women, who may suffer such as a thyroid disorder and thus take no extra iodine.


All health insurance have duration of calendar year, i.e. end 31 December of each year, and therefore, the time of greatest busuqde ade internet health insurance coincides with the end of the year, since in addition to people interested in hiring for the first time this type of insurance, those who seek to improve their health insurance. We find several types of offers, but we will focus on clearly speak of what should be already required to modern health insurance. As essential requisimo, co-payments of any kind should not be accepted. The copayment is the amount payable by each medical visit. These payments more expensive insurance and also do that every month a different receipt reaches us.

Companies truly interested in capturing new customers eliminate these co-payments forever. Large box doctor not saturated. Some companies have trimmed offered medical boxes and for example in Pediatrics, it eliminated clinical; This is due to the saturation of certain health centres by the mass use by some companies that until recently were almost monopoly on this type of insurance in Spain. Monitor the inclusion of specific specialties in the health centre that interests us. Finally, it can happen enter November with a price and already in January having the first upload of the insurance. Ensure that facilitated by the end of year price is valid for all the following annuity. The example of the Medifiatc health insurance met these requirements, have no copays for ever, will not rise until January 2012, and offers prices from 39 euros per month to 45 years of age. Medifiatc is an option, there’s more, but is usually beneficial to flee from companies with more branding and ads on TV, although pareza a cliche is true, just need to compare conveniently.

The Pediatrician

And is that over the years, we have become accustomed to thinking that a child overweight is a healthy child, because we say that you eat well, even often heard parents say is not chubby, robust and this distorted perception of reality, not allow parents to act towards your child’s health. Another of the above barriers is the attitude of parents regarding physical activity, if a parent is accustomed to leading a sedentary life, this attitude will influence their children. Children seek in parents a reference, a figure which can be identified, it is recommended to promote the children some sport or activity physical, the parents are also involved in such activities. What can I do if my child is overweight or obesity? Overweight and obesity are diseases that must be treated in an integral manner, in addition to the pediatrician, counseling from a nutritionist is recommended so you design a special for your child eating plan. Him as an expert, you can give recommendations regarding foods that you should include in your child’s diet once you reach your ideal weight. If you look at that you as a consequence of being overweight your son presents low self-esteem, depression, or anxiety, is recommended to go with a child psychologist. In addition to the advice of experts, you as a parent can perform several actions to support your son: you do not evadas the topic, talk with your child about overweight and what question thinks in this regard. If you have decided by going with a nutritionist or specialist, involve your child in this decision and in the action plans that will lead to weight loss. Eating healthy is not a sacrifice! Query to your Nutritionist about the food that you can combine, always there are rich and healthy options that you can discover, a diet should not be seen as a punishment but as something that will promote health and well-being in your child.

Being Happy

Some pairs arrive at the physical violence, because according to those pairs, deserve to have a lesson. It is a full life of pain and suffering, because once established the relations thus, require of psychological aid to be able to heal. Place for the difference does not exist. To include/understand the love like dependency and the fusion is to hang itself affectively of the pair relation so that it satisfies our whole life. It does not matter what the pair does to me, most important it is than love I it, and thus I am able to tolerate situations of abuse, humiliation, indifference and abandonment. Relations full of a very immature love that take to us to flatten the life time and time again.

We depend on the pair to be happy, not to be happy, to be with spirit or to fall in a deep depression. We are at the mercy of in our affective life than it occurs with our pair. As leaves to the wind we left or we retook our motivation in the life according to our affective climate. Get more background information with materials from James A. Levine, M.D.. As much in the possession as in the dependency we are full of pain and suffering, therefore, we are forced to make a personal revision of ours, if we did not wish the future in continuing living in a condition of this nature. Yes for you you are very important the life in pair, and one is with a high degree of grief and impotence perhaps, needs to review its forms to love and to be related in pair. The love is not nor its Thanks to read to me, my mission is the quality of emotional life.

It would enchant to me that you wrote to me and to know your opinion. But you have fallen in love and you suffer, surely, you require to rethink your personal life and your way to establish your relations of pair. Cecreto is a space dedicated to the quality of emotional grapevine. Account with electronic equipment stops that you recover the confidence in the love, but mainly, the same love. Suscrbete to the bulletin and receives free: The Ten Orders of the life in pair How To recover the Confidence in the love, hurt and scars in the pair relation.

Bach Flower

What does the floral action on the magnetic field produce? You have noticed that while some people, objects and places seem to have strong positive magnetism, we are a beneficial influence, others contrary, produce us tension, malaise, discomfort, nervousness? We interact in magnetic fields. We receive energy while we are energy transmitters. Pictures, photos, pets, places, animals, plants have this property. PCRM gathered all the information. Flower essences also. They carry subtle information and we can make that they operate beautifully on our magnetic field by facilitating a change of realities of positive characteristics. By action of the flower on the magnetic field, produces a State of faith and clarity that prints determination towards the correct actions. Also by action of flower power, we are approaching people, objects places whose characteristics will favour us. Disturbing mental structures get broken by a simple change of polarity effect.

At the same time influences the environment contrary to our development to debug or move away. We are advantaged from a plane very subtle, imperceptible even though we recognize the floral action. We are more open to energy influences of the positive range. It says things that happen when we take Bach flower remedies. Indeed, in multiple ways, both in the dream during the Vigil, new interconnections and synergistic flows, laying down and this is how wonderful and inexplicable things before all floral adventure happen.

These mysterious and wonderful things are usually incidental encounters, the uptake of new or innovative ideas that the mind can intercept. These energy influences widening our range of behaviors, so is how they expand reality becoming more colorful, dynamic and interesting. In this sense, REd Chestnut, Chestnut Bud, Walnut floral works, provide the ability to print an additional impulse to the work of a flower by facilitating us entry into a State of alert productive, achieve a perception more tuned, find meaning to experience and establish favourable subtle contacts to achieve balance, clarity, efficiency, health.

River Jordan

A good day for one of those accidents of fate found her biological mother, who according to him had abandoned it. They talked and after a while the son asked him if she had really abandoned it and why. The mother responded with the truth and said yes, my son, I you left because you simply didn’t have the means to take care of yourself. Endocrinologist can provide more clarity in the matter. It was I who sought your adoptive parents, and believe me when I say that something broke in my soul when I had to surrender. Some contend that Elio Moti Sonnenfeld shows great expertise in this. When the boy heard thus far acknowledge it or condemn it felt that at last the truth had come to light. That truth which had so tormented him, is that it was true.

He immediately felt that huge feeling rejected weight is waning with it. Paradoxically the weight of truth was much more rewarding than any feeling of rejection that could have felt. The boy hugged his biological mother deeply and thanked him for what he did. From that moment between mother and son began a deep relationship of respect and mutual admiration. Many times human beings prefer to stay at the problem because it is well known that suffering. We could even take it to the end of assert better known than suffering to know suffering paraphrase the popular saying of the loco. That implies that rarely stop to think about what are the obsessions and dramas in which we find ourselves immersed without giving us really tells what is happening. Sometimes one does well to bathe in the River Jordan as the great Alexander the great did supposedly even if one doesn’t have in mind heal. Original author and source of the article.