I wait its arrival with the heart beating in the compass of as of the clock! Suddenly I hear the racket of the attrition of the tire in the land, breaching the silence of the night! Eyes in the eyes, abraos and kisses, we kill the homesickness in fraction of seconds. The clock stops. Music touches. I slide the lips well slowly drawing with the heat and the sweat the imaginary line of its temperature. We hug fort per minutes and seconds. for hours without will to stop! Smile, tears, emotion and desire You are without action! We are in silence! The water alleviates the temperature of the bodies. We change to words between all the drops, perfumes and foam! I hug it in the water puts into motion the emotion before the pause of the long and delicious colloquy. You are hour to go you go and I am! Pure emotion! Pure motivation! Motivation for an entire life! It is different, sincere friendship, without description, but of intense relation! I am thinking for hours about the hours that had passed! I am happy! You also! We wait the next attrition to the tire with the land, the new meeting and the new to slide of the lips, the new I hug fort. Always without collection but with certainty of the desire and the tunning!

Health Spa

Health Manager Simone Reiter cares in Garmisch Godfather churches the theme BGM in addition to the prevention measures within a company, such as ergonomic design of workplaces and accident prevention, especially the strengthening of the responsibility of employees among the tasks of occupational health management (BGM) for their health. However, are difficult to implement for many persons prevention in everyday life. Here the concept is applied fit and powerful of health holiday in the operation, which was developed by the Health Manager Simone Reiter. A similar concept is already since years with the Audi group and the BBK as there company health insurance already being implemented. Simone Reiter graduated in the fall of 2010 to the Bachelor of Arts in health management at the German University of prevention and health management (DHfPG) and now works for the health resort of Garmisch Godfather churches in the area of health promotion / health management in business (BGM). The tasks of the Among other health-oriented event offers and cooperation with different health insurance companies include health Manager. Simone Reiter is just engaged in cooperation with other companies to provide company-specific health-related travel on the legs. The Simone Reiter shows vividly, as graduates of the DHfPG can see also career prospects is with their varied expertise, which lie outside the classical fitness and health industry.

By the children’s nurse as a health Manager in 1999, Simone Reiter began their career with training as pediatric nurse. But the urge was fascinated with me knowledge of health and medicine still and I decided to study health management”at the German University to complete. There knowledge is encouraged me to focus my future professional prevention and BGM on the area. Simone Reiter worked after graduating first, then as a research assistant for the Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) in Munich: I was employed in the Department of health science.

Federal Youth Games

Only a self-designed apartment provides appropriate flair wall decals, which are offered in various designs are the trend in the design of the wall. In home improvement stores, interior decorators and online shops can be found practically in every room of the matching wall decals. Thus, you can add a personal touch to the walls and beautify this naturally within shortest time. That looks good only in solid color wallpaper, wallpapers with stripes or other patterns of subtle lettering can cause very good advantage. The decals (stickers) determines a new individuality and coziness the rooms. The online shops offer their own templates, but also the possibility to design your own decals (stickers) and to order. The wall stickers can be applied virtually on any surface, even on woodchip.

You can be easily removed so that you can quickly change the appearance of the walls with changing wall decals. Also the wall stickers can be wiped off, especially in Kitchen and bathroom is important. Wall panels of Blackboard foil are a special highlight. It can be labeled me water soluble crayons are versatile So you can bring them for example at the kitchen door and to draw up a shopping list. Once a product goes out, it is recorded and transferred to a shopping list before shopping. So nothing is forgotten when shopping. In the dining room, you can install the Tablet film and each day write what is there to eat. Attached to the nursery door, everything can be recorded what is important for the children, as the deadline for the Federal Youth Games clean up her room, for example, that project a week or at the pediatrician.

Emergency Care

If not now, when will be announced. It’s so many people in Germany: maintain at home their parents, other family members, as well as marriage and life partner up to self-sacrifice. Back in the background every day personal interests, some basic needs, recurring tasks such as help getting up, hygiene, and undressing, preparing and administering food and drinks, the to-bed mount up to the employment of care consume not only on the nerves but also on the physical and mental performance of the persons paid care. Even with professional help through a nursing the stress for the caregiver is immensely high, especially, if they are still working and have to cope with a complete home with children in addition to the nursing work for their loved ones. The effects of demographic change in the field of professional care are evident today. Experts assume, that is the number of Care from the current 2.4 million to four million by 2050 will increase.

“The R comes to a like + V insurance with your study of ticking time bomb care:” 27 million people in Germany: so many will have a care case in the family expected to be in ten years at the latest. Even today, there are tens of millions, another 17 million expected in the next five to ten years. The study comes to this conclusion because future needs care”of the R + V insurance based on a representative nationwide survey of the Institut fur Demoskopie Allensbach. Behind these figures currently around 2.4 million elderly are hidden in Germany over the next 20 years according to official estimates, this number rises to 3.4 million. Before a person in the nursing or retirement home, it is valid to consider for alternative forms of care. The German Professional Association for nursing (DBfK) observed the increasing collapse of care, not only in the hospitals, but also in homes and the outpatient Care.

Properly Ventilate Premises

The mold in the apartment don’t stand a chance give the winter is just around the corner and thus increase the cost of the heating again. Financial reasons everyone would of course keep its costs as low as possible. The environment benefits as well. New objects have a good thermal insulation. That saves, but also has the effect, that more solid ventilation must be respected. The topic airing is a special, often providing emotional discussions between landlord and tenant.

The House Administration Gamdhi from Giessen explains how proper ventilation helps to prevent trouble. The mold give no chance new buildings are no longer affected by leaky doors and Windows. This however also means that a proper ventilation is even more important. Unless it gets no more air, without having to open the window. Besides, there is a controlled housing ventilation.

The modern construction helps to reduce energy costs. If at the same time but does not regularly review is ventilation, leads it to do so, that there is a poor climate in the rooms. And even worse: incorrect or even no ventilation can be the cause of mold. The subject of mold in the home is always a very emotional tension between tenants and landlords or management appointed by him. Everyone assigns blame the other. Structural defects may be equally eligible. Still applies to tenants: better prevent and properly ventilate. So is it even on the safe side and no risk comes in, even being the “polluter pays”. Who correctly airs and heats, contributes to a healthy environment in the living areas and ensures that mould endangers the health of not. For detailed information about all services the House Administration Gamdhi casting available at any time. Press contact property management Gierschner contact person: Mr Gamdhi fountain trail 3 35394 Giessen Tel.: 06 41 / 93 02 86 fax: 06 41 / 93 02 88 E-Mail: website:

The Aura

Aura, in addition to nourishing energy from other energy carriers with us, for example, rays the sun and ozone, other people and animals. The color of the aura. Many assume that people can share in their shade aupy. For example, the dominant blue color characteristic of highly spiritual person. Orange color displays emotional type of person. I believe that this is false. Aura can not be evaluated solely on one basic hue. Aura sensitive to colors.

It responds to the color of the walls, clothes and all that surrounds us. This also explained by the fact that people have different preferences in color. For example, if you prefer red or pink, it means that you have an active chakra – Anahata, or, in other words, the active center of the heart, which gives emanation of the green. Red and pink colors give different shades of green, which are in harmony with such an aura. The impact of color is commonly used in hospitals or institutions in order to calm the anxious and excited people and bring them back to normal. Pink color is best suited for this – it's on an emotional level, the color of happiness and love.

After all, say, the aura of the mother for the first time who saw her newborn baby is beautiful, she glows with love. There is a science devoted to the careful application of colors. Its name – color therapy. Through the clothes you can not get the exact kind of aura.

Losing Weight After Childbirth

During pregnancy, many moms with sadness in his eyes look in the mirror on its rounded shape is podumyvaya about losing weight after childbirth. But not all are able to restore her maiden figure after the birth of the baby. A Moreover, apart from the aesthetic benefits of a return to pre-natal weight contributes to exit from postpartum depression. So where to begin, and how not to harm your body? Labors – a great stress for the female organism. And if, immediately after giving birth to sit on a rigid diet, can greatly undermine the health of a lifetime. Drastically lose weight can not be in any case! Need to lose weight gradually, as it were drawn during the pregnancy. Norm is considered a loss of 1 kilogram per month. Nursing mothers doctors generally do not recommend dieting to get involved.

Will help you become leaner balanced nutrition and daily low physical load. Let's start with food. Proper nutrition involves eating 5-6 times a day in small portions. You should not get involved in confectionery, flour products. Lean on vegetables and fruits, they take toxins from the body and contain a lot of vitamins.

Breastfeeding moms should not forget that some kinds of foods can cause food allergies in the baby. By the way, not be superfluous to use a special vitamin complex, to pick up who can help you doctor. It is advisable not to eat after 19.00, but if you're concerned about hungry, you can drink a cup of yogurt, or eat some fruit. Remember that in order to feed herself and the child, you need every day consume at least 2000 kcal. Daily pay to much time physical activity. For this perfect swimming. Pursuing this sport, you train almost all muscle groups. And if you have no chance to go out for sports, you can do in your apartment (house). Turn on music and just dance, you can take the baby in her arms – this will increase the load. At the same time you will begin to develop a hearing baby. Walking with baby, do not sit on the bench, and walk around. One to two hours walking a day is well reflected on your figure. Do not forget to consult with your doctor about increasing physical activity. The most common problem – this 'postpartum' tummy. After giving birth, the stomach is a woman's 'sore point' both literally and figuratively. Not worth much to strain the abdominal muscles in the first half of the month, child care will give sufficient load at this time. When your muscles to fully recover, start with a few repetitions of one exercise per day, gradually bringing the lessons of 30 minutes. The easiest exercise for lower abdomen – this lift bended knee. Later you can add to their complex post-natal exercises more complex and effective exercise for the press. Thus you will gradually regain the previous appeal and is not injurious to health. Importantly, be patient the first few months, when your body is not perfect. Following these rules are not clever, you will achieve tremendous success, and your figure will be jealous.

Natural Environment

As much the natural environment, how much the transformed environment, is resulted of the action of the man and of the society, thus it must be understood as, social environment. Moreover, having as base the appropriation of the ground urban, the same one finished unchaining a series of problems, amongst which, the occupation and inadequate exploration urban natural surrounding it. It is not of interest of this work, to argue questions as, of sanitation or the garbage, for example, that, although to be directly on to problematic ambient the urban one and to intervene with the quality of life of the city dwellers, transcedem the reflections of analysis of the present moment. yes, to present one brief quarrel on the urban environment. Soon, what it is intended in this work is to explanar, at a first moment, the city from the espacialidade and of the social relations in its social and historical nature. Being followed, with the characterization of the social environment, differentiating it of the natural one, beyond to approach some characteristics of the new face of the urban planning.

2 URBAN ENVIRONMENT Regarding city, is essential to think it while materialization of the general conditions of the production process about its totality. In concurrence, the geographic process if creates and if it develops to the measure that the society is developed. Such fact happens by means of the production process, that is, for the work, what it becomes the society more each materialized time. Moreover, she is necessary to leave of concepts, which assist in the understanding, its constitution and the transformations for which the city passes. To endorse in this source means to think the city from the espacialidade, of the social relations in its nature, social and historical. In the same direction, Carlos (1997) affirms that, Must itself be remembered that the city has the dimension of the human being reflecting and multiplying through the movement of the life, of a specific time that has in the base the construction process human being (CARLOS, 1997, p.61 here).