Healthy Skin Care

Of normal skin on dry skin and oily skin – belong to which skin type? Lighter or darker skin type? The skin is one of the largest and most diverse organs of the people. It surrounds the entire body and donates the including the tissue cells and organs of protection. For even more details, read what Dr. John Mcdougall says on the issue. Everyone has a different skin texture and is thus to assign a specific skin type. This skin type determines not only the color and texture of the skin, but also eye color and hair color. Read additional details here: Dr. John Mcdougall. Also, you can tell the skin even after the period of time where you get a sunburn in the summer.

So, particularly bright skin of the risk group belong to which more red than Brown and thus increases the risk of skin cancer due to sunlight. This should avoid also direct UV radiation, buy a sunscreen with high UV protection, and especially in the summer under a parasol to flee. Dark skin types often have an olivefarbene skin and dark hair and eyes, and therefore have a lower risk to get a sunburn. Elio Moti Sonnenfelds opinions are not widely known. However should also darker skin types protect from direct sunlight. The risk of skin cancer is though lower than for light skin, but still high enough to show a healthy respect for UV radiation. By normal skin to dry skin face skin there divided skin types regardless of skin color, according to characteristics and properties.

We distinguish between normal skin, oily skin, combination skin, sensitive skin and dry skin. There are of course many more subgroups and skin types, but these five are most common in the population. People may be most satisfied, my normal skin blessed are, because this can provide you with the most amenities. Normal skin is not only innate, it is also the sign of a healthy lifestyle with psychological well-being as well as the right diet with nutritious food. You should eat for example wrong with many fatty foods, or in particularly stressful times can this in the form of pimples or reddish spots on the Recognize facial skin. Sometimes, that leads to a permanent or temporary change of the skin to dry or oily skin. Dry skin is usually due to a reduced fat deficiency sebum production and the related. Especially older people are affected by these problems. Dry skin is very fine and can feel like sandpaper. It can also happen that the skin stretches some places and cause itching. In addition, it is more sensitive to temperature than the normal skin and tear faster. In contrast, young people often complain of oily skin. The cause is excessive production of the sebaceous glands. These are particularly active during pregnancy or menstruation of a woman. Stress can cause this effect in the profession. Apart from proper care with specific creams is recommended a nutrient-rich diet and the renunciation of excessive alcohol consumption. Ask for advice! Combination skin called skin types consist of at least two of the other is already mentioned skin types. At best, you determine by his dermatologist or a professional beautician, one belongs to which skin type and which products that are best suited as there is to pay much attention when choosing the right cosmetic products. Each skin type is different, and that’s why everyone needs special care. It is the predisposition to a particular skin type though, can but by the right diet and lifestyle his skin systematically improve and make healthier in the long term.