Yin Reiki

Reiki – universal divine primordial energy – in Japanese (the word, composed of two syllables 'rei' and 'ki'. Rei – means universal, ki means life force). In other words, Reiki – universal power of the absolute. God in different religions is understood in its own way. For example, in Christianity believe in God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

In Eastern religions, somewhere there are many gods, such as in Taoism – there is no such thing as God, God is there all around – the whole world, the cosmos, the universe … (Not to be confused with Dr. Peter M. Wayne!). and we are just a part of God. The system of Reiki do not contradict any of the existing religions, it is not a religion, and healing practices. When you are healing – you are interacting with the Divine energy – in accordance with your view of the world. The word 'Reiki' – the feminine and not leaning.

Where it comes from the energy of Reiki and how does it work? Absolute, God. To create existence – the Absolute in motion. First appears Universal life energy – the energy in its purest form, from which are more dense forms of energy and eventually – matter. If we look at his hand under a powerful microscope, we can not see anything, except voids and clusters of energy. Reiki – the energy of the highest level. She stands for law and binarity is neither yin nor yang – that is, has zero charge. Of this energy is subsequently formed with the flow of prana and Yin yanskim charges, and matter. During sessions of Reiki – we call it the Absolute, the God who heals us through this energy. In Reiki there as an informational component, and energy. Energy component – is unconditional love of God toward us, his children. Information component – is information about all phenomena of life – including that in which the optimum state to be our health. Therefore, during the session – the flow of energy becomes exactly those qualities that are needed in each case in order to heal the person. During the session, may take even those problems that the patient forgot to tell the healer – because Reiki is always operates according to the highest good for man. When working with Reiki, we are working on their matter through its foundation – the energy. The art of healing through laying on of hands and using the energy of a long time. More than two and a half thousand years ago people in the East – in India, Tibet – were able to heal ourselves, others and feel that energy. Over time, people have lost this skill. But once we had it, so it can be restored, and this will help us, recreated by Dr. Mikao Usui, the Reiki system. Mikao Usui re-established this knowledge and created a clear, simple system that anyone can easily learn how to work with energy and heal others as well as themselves. Today, with the Optionally, you can pass the initiation and training of Reiki – to restore your skill and open up a more powerful flow of energy to achieve significant success in healing.