Hair Dyes

Hair dyes and helps in the first place is, of course, change their color. Secondly, after the hair dye colors, for some time, hair looks much better, about one week. After that, dyed hair paint gradually lose color, or rather the paint washed off and lost shine. Hair coloring, chemical dyes, there was a long […]

Dortmund Research Institute

Water dispenser advises public authorities, businesses and consumers Berlin, April 05, 2011 – according to current Forsa survey, every third citizens water dispenser today already uses to cover his liquid household. Here, drinking water dispensers hold in more and more schools, public buildings and offices. One reason for this development: the lower cost and […]

Ripoff Report

If you are like 90% of the women, then the answer is Yes. The cellulitis does not discriminate, affects to million women of all the ages and classes of body. For many, it is cause of great insecurity and shame. Unfortunately, this epidemic has brought about false cream wave a ridiculous, tablets, massages and other […]

Protection from the Sun

Long been observed that a small exposure to uv rays is quite useful: increases the body's resistance to disease, increases blood flow to the skin, increase metabolism, activates activity of the skin tissues. But the positive effect of the sun turns into a devastating after 10-15 minutes of being under the burning rays. Increased dose […]

New Medical Options Available

Fat cells with ultrasonic destroy “inventions have long reached their limits, and I see no hope for more developments.” – in the year 10 b.c. the Roman engineer of Frontinus. Fat loss without surgery, it sounds like the report of a better future: fat deposits under the skin using hochwirksamem ultrasound gently and painlessly melted […]

Berlin Human Medicine

Beauty Center Rittmeyer in the area of human medicine in Berlin Reinickendorf Berlin, the 5.9.11 – whether by accident, burns or as a result of a surgical procedure; not disturbing scars remain. The beauty center Rittmeyer in Berlin Reinickendorf offers in addition to the classical permanent makeup patients after diseases and operations the pigmented correction […]

Natural Cosmetics

Most recently submitted Davines lovers of natural cosmetics its latest developments in this direction. Emphasizing the "natural" concept of its beauty, Davines has released a special line of natural dyes for the direct dyeing hair Finest Pigments, which consists of 98% natural ingredients. Line of natural dyes Finest Pigments consists of 14 shades, and a […]

Healthy Skin Care

Of normal skin on dry skin and oily skin – belong to which skin type? Lighter or darker skin type? The skin is one of the largest and most diverse organs of the people. It surrounds the entire body and donates the including the tissue cells and organs of protection. For even more details, read […]

Give A Smile

How many times have you heard the phrase: 'You are so beautiful when you smile. " And it is true. You can not have people who are not attending a smile. Having a good mood, you infect others with positive energy, and they subconsciously perceive you as a very charming girl. But before I give […]