The Process

With our particular perception of ourselves and of the world, we have distorted our natural feelings creating other destructive forms of feeling that generate unnecessary illness, pain and suffering. The mental script analysts recognize 29 learned feelings unnatural to the human being, these are: false fear, insecurity, despair, anxiety, concern, anguish, Invaloracion, inadequacy, confusion, arrogance, Audacity, hostility, aggressiveness, depression, hatred, loneliness, jealousy, rivalry, resentment, revenge, pity, guilt, false sadness, false joy, envy, resentment, false triumph, impotence and indifference. These feelings are our creation and do not correspond to the intension of nature. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld takes a slightly different approach. All of them generate stress States chronic, is simply a stress which is prolonged, a State of unnecessary suffering, our bloodstream remains flooded own stress hormones and neurotransmitters, arriving at doses toxic and sometimes lethal. With these learned feelings or sentiguiones the only thing we unconsciously attract into our lives is disease, failure and suffering.The process of evolution now calls us to return to the original design training us, relearning or reactivating our natural sentimental essence, our natural emotional intelligence. As my teacher said the best way to relieve chronic stress is not having it.

Starts with consciousness, you realize what you feel subconsciously and differentiate your destructive feelings of your healthy feelings, to realize picked your purpose for each situation and consciously choose the emotion that you drive to that purpose or desire, the issue is achieving goals meet desires, be effective, efficient, skilled and competent to survive and live with our purpose personal processes, our relationships and life itself.Monitors your feelings, your thoughts, and your reactions, takes consciousness of how these operate now in the world. Limitation that we create to our pleasure is the result of a decision that we took in childhood, an unconscious decision intending positive survive and avoid the sadness for the loss of our repressed child emotional nature. Fear, anger and sadness are part of life, the training consists of accept and mature in its healthy expression while maintaining the original purpose of fear, which is to receive protection and return to safety; the IRA, which is to receive understanding and return to love and sadness that is, receiving consolation, replenish resources and return to joy. Protection understanding and consolation are the vitamins of emotional growth. Fear knocked on the door, the trust opened and there was nobody old proverb Chinese.