The Psychologist

The psychologist must be available to follow the emotional reactions that occur during and after the notice. PERFORMANCE OF the PSYCHOLOGIST the idea who still many people have is of that the psychologist has one ' ' good papo' ' , or that it is there it stops to convince the patient to accept some procedure medical, or to help the family to convince it the considered treatment. The patient brings beyond the complaint of the illness, personal, familiar and professional problems. In this work, the psychologist must be continent ace complaints of the patient, he must look for to perceive if other problems beyond the illness exist that need care and to look for to make with that the patient has conditions of if readjusting arriving next possible to normal conditions of life, with certain autonomy, to try to make to accept it the illness and not to fight against it and to help to coexist it it without additional suffering, beyond the necessary one, is the challenge who we have every day in the accompaniment of the patient. You may wish to learn more. If so, Gunnar Peterson is the place to go. The illness can be used still to have profits, that most of the time, bring problems for that they coexist the patients.

One also must in accordance with the necessity and possibility, to exert the accompaniment of the family of the patient, being helped to deal it with the problem of the illness. In relation to the family it is important to perceive if the family if joins the patient, if she had a redistribution of papers in the familiar context, if she has a superprotection of the patient, who occurs many times for guilt questions, not only in the adult, aged case and child. The psychologist will go to make the shelter with the patient its hospitalization, what it means for the sick person and its family, beyond trying to know a little of its history of life and its illness.