A (H1N1): Active Against Swine Flu

healthier lifestyle with Aktivwellness effect the swine flu panic wave blended abrasion on professional fast lane contrary to a simple solution. Who deliberately pays attention to healthy and balanced way of life, has to fear less disease. Aktivwellness is a contemporary philosophy of life, which meets the constraints of modernity. 60 hours a week, fast food, endless sitting in front of the laptop many people work a lot and live against their nature. This abrasion in the fast lane can age the body faster, reduces the quality of life and causes increasingly physical ailments in addition to many mental disorders. An unhealthy lifestyle weakens the body’s defences and thus opening a big edge for diseases and infections such as A/H1N1, known as swine flu. Many diseases can be treated with medications.

This increases while pharmaceutical domestic demand, but hardly the long-term well-being. The best medicine for body and soul is and remains but since Thousands of years the pension. Therefore, in view of the upcoming flu season, there is a reason to browse more, alone in our new and free online magazine of Aktivwellness. With Aktivwellness, we propose a way of life for all ages bringing work and leisure in line. Effort and reward are in balance.

Active Living wellness enjoy “is the simple formula that embodies the original Wellnessbegriff. The harmony of fitness and well-being, health for body and mind. We work on editorial everything worth knowing about these contemporary and natural way, to live happy and healthy in the modern, industrialized world of work in the new and free online magazine of Aktivwellness. You come on the natural”(Web) page and find your personal balance. Reporters who have suffered partially even burn and stomach ulcers, report here about healthy eating, healthy sports, outdoor activities, wellness rewards and joie de vivre. You give inspiration and ideas, to the precious leisure time more actively, consciously to live and to make active recovery, for example, on an adventure or a family hike in the Thuringian forest with adjacent medieval feast for work currently. Our readers and readers between 21 and 101 years will find many services such as calendar and declare videos. The Publisher behind is a network of active journalists with a green heart.