Plumbing Work

Threading and pipe bending equipment: Pipe-bending machine, threading machine, hydraulic pipe bender – pipe bending equipment Plumbing equipment: Universal Bending Machine 'EGS-6 / 1' ('MMP-3101'- 1) Bending Bending Machine Model EGS-6 / 1 ('MEM-3101') is designed for flexible pipes made of ferrous, nonferrous, stainless steel, zinc-coated and uncoated, as well as for bending profiled pipes […]

Best Canadian Feature Film Festival

After receiving a huge number of nominations for the various festivals (including Best Director and Best Picture), the movie is not got no one premium, and as a result of the prize 'Genie' was just Molly Parker for best performance of the title role. And I must say, such a disposition of more than fair. […]

The Machine

If faced with the task before you bend or round off the gas and water pipes, it is best to stop the choice on portable hydraulic bending tool with manual (use a small amount of work), or electric drive. Thus modern benders will be your unique assistant in matters relating to the deformation (bending) of […]

Medical Anesthetist

I must have been in the hands of friends anesthesiologists about 10 times in critical situations and about 10 times in procedures of medium complexity, I keep fond memories and affectionate gratitude towards them and perhaps time fear have been up to ingrate. An email from the anesthesiologist Luis Malpartida del Carpio, has motivated me […]

New Medical Options Available

Fat cells with ultrasonic destroy “inventions have long reached their limits, and I see no hope for more developments.” – in the year 10 b.c. the Roman engineer of Frontinus. Fat loss without surgery, it sounds like the report of a better future: fat deposits under the skin using hochwirksamem ultrasound gently and painlessly melted […]

Medical Instructor

To realise a professional practice is considered like an opportunity in the race of any student or withdrawn professional young person of a university and that not yet has been able to toil in a estudiantesrelacionado use for to the branch of which it has studied. With her, valuable experience for the later performance is […]

Traditional Medicine

Since a few years ago, I joined this therapeutic procedure to my arsenal of treatments to cure my sick. Homeopathy has always been criticized in Spain by the medical, being as a kind of treatments of healers class. In fact, today still speak of homeopathy means other colleagues, for some, a real effort because we […]

Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM

The Salvation call waiting from the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) could offer a perspective for pain patients. Naturheilpraxis Cameron a year successfully in Heidelberg despite Dr. med. A year ago, Google babe Cameron opened his natural healing practice centrally located in Heidelberg. Since then, he has successfully treated many patients with alternative medicine. The natural […]

Medical School Information

Hypertension affects mainly the heart, brain, kidneys and aorta pathological consequences of hypertension are frequently observed in four tissues: Heart. With increasing pressure, the left ventricular myocardium hypertrophy. Since hypertension is often associated with a higher intensity of atherosclerosis, coronary flow may be insufficient and lead to heart disease. Left ventricular failure is a common […]

Berlin Human Medicine

Beauty Center Rittmeyer in the area of human medicine in Berlin Reinickendorf Berlin, the 5.9.11 – whether by accident, burns or as a result of a surgical procedure; not disturbing scars remain. The beauty center Rittmeyer in Berlin Reinickendorf offers in addition to the classical permanent makeup patients after diseases and operations the pigmented correction […]