The Internal

When this happens the feeling today is in disagreement with memory, with the inertia of the sentiment yesterday. Until yesterday I liked living in my parents House. Insofar as I progress in my teens start to want to live in my own House and perhaps new desire enters disagreed with my previous need adds us, that rejection and desire for change are like two sides of the same coin and will involve each other.If I reject my sad aspect, I then want to change, and if I want to change it is because I reject it.You could talk then of a rechazador-rechazado relationship or your another facet: cambiador-aspecto to change. Either of the two descriptions referred to the other and includes it.Made this caveat say that now, at the second end of the link, beyond its content – sad, insecure, dependent, etc.-call it appearance change and to the first, also more beyond the way in which it is expressed, we will call it Cambiador.Hemos begun to characterize this link indicates Levy and we have presented its protagonists because changer makes him the appearance to change depends on the fate of the disagreement. When attitudes comes into play are appropriate, the transformation of appearance to change routes and disagreement will be resolved, but, unfortunately, it is not the most common evolution. The vast majority of the time the actions of the changer are not appropriate and therefore the transformation does not occur. In this case the internal disagreement not only persists but it deepens even more. This is the structure that underlies the experience of psychological suffering. If everytime one suffers, carefully explore your State, you can check that in the vast majority of cases what it produces is an internal disagreement that cannot be resolved: the disagreement between what I am and what I want to be many times, we are faced with situations that they give way to to generate changes in order to deal with them and optimize your appearance, changes can be given the opportunity and benefit in our behavior.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of malignant tumors with more incidence among women worldwide and the higher mortality rate. It consists of an abnormal growth of cells that form the chest or breast of the woman. The cure of breast cancer depends on its virulence. Of the female breast produce much kind of tumors, although not all are malignant. Most benign tumors are related to genetic factors. They can cause swelling or pain, but they do not invade other organs. Malignant tumors are depending on where the breast where locate the abnormal growth and its degree of invasion. According to this, there are two main types of breast cancer: ductal Carcinoma.: it is the most common and occurs in the cells of the ducts that lead the milk toward the nipple.

b. lobular carcinoma: starts in the lobes or lobules. Few times the cancer originates in other areas of the breast. And depending on your degree of invasion have: a. Carcinoma in situ, if remains inside the duct or lobe. b. carcinoma infiltrate or invasive, whether it has spread to other tissues. Then knowing this would have the following classification: 1.

ductal Carcinoma in situ: also called intraductal carcinoma. It originates in the walls of the ducts. It is the most common among the invaders. The chances of healing are very high, through extirpation, for example. If it does not heal in time, it can be invasive. 2 Invasive ductal carcinoma or invasive: originates in the lactiferous duct, crossing it and passing to other breast tissue, and can invade other organs in the body. It is the most common breast cancer type. 3. Lobular carcinoma in situ: originates in the lobes or lobules of the breast without going to invade it. Although it is not very dangerous, when it is detected, the woman has to testing of forecast during the year will not develop. 4. Lobular carcinoma infiltrating or invasive: originates in the mammary glands, but can expand and destroy other organs in the body. Its detection by mammography is very difficult. 5 Carcinoma inflammatory: is very rare. It is aggressive and growing rapidly. The symptoms that appear are reddening of the skin of the breast and your temperature rise. The cancer cells block the lymph vessels.

Insomnia and Drowsiness

Insomnia in the second half of pregnancy is common, as in the first – drowsiness and a constant desire to lie down. Hormonal alteration of the first months, when the amount of progesterone in the blood increases, lulls women in the literal sense of the word, which creates problems at work because the focus is very difficult. The woman is ready to sleep, his head in his hands, but since this is impossible, it is often there as in a light trance, daydream. Until it is not immediately be reached that turning it to her, and the meaning of what was said, too, gets to the brain with a delay. Returning home, she wants only one thing – to fall or lie down, and a reminder about dinner can cause real tears. Problems with falling asleep usually does not arise any day (if such a possibility exists), or in the evening.

Before the decree, the woman still has to work, can begin insomnia – especially in the morning when getting up in the toilet, woman can not go back to sleep. Pushing the child too is not conducive to sleep. Approximation of an alarm clock unnerving, and triggered an alarm clock, it seems, literally at the same moment when the mother finally fell asleep. Even Considering breakfast hastily and scored five minutes of sleep, get up and sleepy all day long to stay in poor spirits, knowing that the night waiting for the same. Yes, and went out on maternity leave when you can not hurry to work in the mornings and not get up in the alarm clock (especially if the husband agrees to absorb the breakfast alone, or even have breakfast in a cafe), especially not sleep enough: added difficulty falling asleep.


What is colic? Colic is called perpetual cry baby, most often it is repeated at a certain time, usually in the evening. On the Internet you can find many articles where they write that the cause lies not in colic abdominal pain, and simply in the restructuring of the body. Maybe. Read more from Senator Elizabeth Warren to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Still, his tummy hurts kids quite often and it is a state more commonly called intestinal colic. And if the distended stomach crumbs or rumbling, you can try to ease his state. The best remedy for intestinal colic – is the age. But to help your baby and yourself you can, but I'll share with you their experiences. Diet feeding moms partly help to cope with the problem.

But only partially and diet should not to be strict. Neonatal intestine is rearranged, adapted to their new roles, so to avoid the discomfort is unlikely to be complete. Mom should be excluded from your diet foods that contribute to swelling, as well as fat, smoked. In general, there is often tracked us: all that is bad for my mother's gut, most likely will not work and crumbs for the first time. However, mono-diet-type buckwheat and stock is unlikely to save the tummy baby, but here's the milk will become less nutritious.

Eat mom needed variety. Medicines for colic my son the best help Espumizan. But give it should be strictly according to instructions – before each feeding, it is possible, however, reduce the dosage. And give way to more than one day, long-lasting results can be seen, at best, a few feedings and then the next day. If a kid eats very often, we give the drug to every 3 hours.

Bavarian Forest

Country hotel is House of Waldeck in the Bavarian Forest for dog lovers, well equipped in Haidmuhle in the South of the Bavarian Forest is on 20 and 21 February 2010 considered international sled dog race Haidmuhle instead, which at the same time German Championship. About 120 teams will hunt through the snow. An interesting program, with races in seven different categories awaits the visitor. Ranging over 32 kilometers from the short Sprint distance race. Haidmuhle promises an exciting event for dog lovers. Many of them combine the trip with a holiday in the wintry Bavarian Forest to Haidmuhle.

And many take to their four-legged friend. In the Landhotel Haus Waldeck in Mitterfirmiansreut, not far from Haidmuhle. A related site: Dr. Neal Barnard mentions similar findings. There are the winter vacationers crackling snow, clear air, Sun, recreation for body and soul. And dogs are in this three-star comfort with its family atmosphere expressly welcome hotel. The three stars stand for lovingly furnished rooms, each with colour television (SAT-TV) and shower / WC. Who would choose also the suite with Gallery and panoramic views, separate living room and bedroom, bathroom with WC and shower panel, can. Comfort prevails also in the cosy lounges, of which one with a fireplace and two televisions. To get the children’s play room and a separate library with over 900 books and beautiful reading chairs, as well as other indoor products such as billiards, darts and table tennis.

The wellness area Vita finds more and more friends with the indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi and solarium, sauna and steam sauna, gym, massages and Ayurvedic treatments (by specialists and recipe). “The award comfort” also applies to four-legged guests. The Landhotel Haus Waldeck is well prepared for dog owners. It is located at the quiet end of town, just behind the House a 600 square metre dog course with tournament-agility equipment extends. The nearby meadows, forests, and trails are ideal for the short run, the medium walk or the long walk with the dog. Are a delicacy guided tours through the snowy Woods and over the Summit of the National Park Bavarian Forest. The tours take between two and four hours and are good to go for everyone. Bayerischer Wald (HZBW) offers these tours country hotel along with the dog Center. Always popular are also the hiking with snow shoes (there in the hotel). Of course, Mitterfirmiansreut has also a wide range of winter sports. Next to the House you will find a great penchant for sledging and bobsleigh rides. Convenient access to the cross-country network of cross-country ski runs, stretching about 35 miles from here. And with the junior ski circus to the family ski area Mitterdorf it is also not far. The ski centre around the Alpine mountain (1140 m) offers also great fun for adults with its five ski lifts, which open up ski slopes of varying difficulty. At the place there is a ski school and a ski rental service.

First Allview Tablet

AllDro speed?3 G first Allview tablet with integrated announces the market release of the AllDro speed 3 G and phone function Allview?3 G tablet, first model in the series, which blends without having a modem is connected to the Internet 3 G, and can make calls to all networks. The Tablet runs on Android 4.0 ice cream Sandvich, as the operating system, and has a capacitive screen of 7 “; Multitouch multicore Cortex A8 Processor with 1.2 GHz, a graphics processor Mali-400 MP, a frontal photo camera and Internet connectivity through Wi-Fi and 3 G equipped. AllDro speed?Also the phone function with which you can make telephone calls has 3 G in addition to the integrated 3 G. This function changes the Tablet so that you can use it as a phone. Has an agenda where thousands of contacts can be saved and can send messages or initiate phone calls through the Bluetooth hands-free kit.

Due to technical high-performance configuration, AllDro speed?3 G allows the users all features the most popular Operating system, Android 4.0 to be able to enjoy ice cream sandwich. The Cortex A8 Processor with 1.2 GHz Tablet supports 3D playback, streaming video up to 1080 p and supports the latest pediatrician. The dimensions of the tablet will bring a high degree of mobility for the users that where they in social networks interact, relax with applications and Android games or reading documents and books can be used. Under most conditions James A. Levine, M.D. would agree. On surfing the Internet, the HTML 5 and Flash Player support feature enables uninterrupted streaming video on the pages internally set and play the movies from the network, or YouTube. Connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or 3 G, the Tablet launches video calls under optimum conditions through the photo camera and special applications: Yahoo or Skype. Last but certainly not least, AllDro speed?A safe and secure browsing experience through the pre-installed anti-virus program BitDefender offers 3 G mobile security, which protects stored information in the store.

AllDro in black and white version which can speed 3 G Be purchased online Allview to 239 euros. The tablet can be found Spain, Holland and other EU countries in Germany. Allview mobile: Allview is a Romanian company founded in 2002, that has as main activity the production and distribution of dual SIM – mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and various electronic products. It is recognized as one of the brands with fast development in Romania through the free services and services its products. The company brought the first tablet in Romania in 2010 and since then the range of DroSeries has added with eight models, which are more than 18,000 thousand units were sold. The Allview phones offer to call the possibilities of separation of the business meetings of the personal conversations or in different networks to lower costs. For more information on the company’s website and on the Facebook page of Allview Mobile Germany, to with the new products, promotions, and contests the To put society in connection.

Protection from the Sun

Long been observed that a small exposure to uv rays is quite useful: increases the body's resistance to disease, increases blood flow to the skin, increase metabolism, activates activity of the skin tissues. But the positive effect of the sun turns into a devastating after 10-15 minutes of being under the burning rays. Increased dose of uv radiation can damage the skin or cause different skin disease. The conclusion is obvious: the skin from uv rays should be preserved. To do this, and there are suntan – creams, oils, gels and lotions. They contain tinted filters, they absorb most of the ultraviolet rays, preventing burns. Protective equipment to help skin cells to develop a special pigment – melanin, which acts as a filter. The degree of protection of the skin depends on the level of protective factor (SPF) funds.

On the label of its protective agent indicate the number (from two to 40 and above). It indicates how many times the reduced insolation using this tool. Found that with respect to unprotected skin safe to sunbathe for 10 minutes. Using a special sunblock, which, for example, the index of spf 12, you can no fears for health in the sun for 2 hours (10h12 = 120). During the winter lost melanin recovered gradually. Because in the early days of sun exposure is necessary to use creams with high protection – spf 25, 30 and above.

And children and people with red hair (because of the delicate dry skin) should not weaken the protection in the future. If you have enough tan is not worth absolutely refuse protection from the sun. Go to the tanning oil with spf index of 2 or 3, but for a person more suited fat gel. From this skin will get even a bronze tint. If you want to look beautiful before the summer season – will be useful tools tanning. ps French consumer magazine '60 millions de consommateurs' tested 15 creams from the sun and read the result that many of them are actually effective protect from sunlight, but it is desirable to have labels and annotations extradited more information (although the quality of the remedies it does of course not affected).

A Bit Of Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton was born in France in 1821. At the age of 16 years, he studied to create the bags. After finishing his education, having outstanding abilities in this area, he was soon able to work alone. already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In 1854, Vuitton opened its own fashion house in Paris. Fashion house was named after Louis Vuitton, abbreviated as lv. lv label was put on the leather handbag, finished footwear, watches, jewelry and other goods. This is one of the leading international fashion houses in the world and to this day.

All products are brand lv in the 19 century were made by hand. Initially, Louis Vuitton suitcases and handbags made of leather. Since 1888, that would protect their products from counterfeit Louis Vuitton has created a special fabric, called the Damier Canvas. All Cases steel sheathing of this, light – brown checkered cloth. In 1896, after the death of Louis Vuitton, his son Georges Vuitton, was released on the classic line, with a picture of the monogram lv. The line was set up in 12 classic styles. After some time Vuitton decided to add a monogram Canvas. In 1924 was added to travel bag Keepall, created in three dimensions. In 1932 he was created handbag called 'Noe'. Which is produced and is popular until now.