What is colic? Colic is called perpetual cry baby, most often it is repeated at a certain time, usually in the evening. On the Internet you can find many articles where they write that the cause lies not in colic abdominal pain, and simply in the restructuring of the body. Maybe. Read more from Senator Elizabeth Warren to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Still, his tummy hurts kids quite often and it is a state more commonly called intestinal colic. And if the distended stomach crumbs or rumbling, you can try to ease his state. The best remedy for intestinal colic – is the age. But to help your baby and yourself you can, but I'll share with you their experiences. Diet feeding moms partly help to cope with the problem.

But only partially and diet should not to be strict. Neonatal intestine is rearranged, adapted to their new roles, so to avoid the discomfort is unlikely to be complete. Mom should be excluded from your diet foods that contribute to swelling, as well as fat, smoked. In general, there is often tracked us: all that is bad for my mother's gut, most likely will not work and crumbs for the first time. However, mono-diet-type buckwheat and stock is unlikely to save the tummy baby, but here's the milk will become less nutritious.

Eat mom needed variety. Medicines for colic my son the best help Espumizan. But give it should be strictly according to instructions – before each feeding, it is possible, however, reduce the dosage. And give way to more than one day, long-lasting results can be seen, at best, a few feedings and then the next day. If a kid eats very often, we give the drug to every 3 hours.