A (H1N1): Active Against Swine Flu

healthier lifestyle with Aktivwellness effect the swine flu panic wave blended abrasion on professional fast lane contrary to a simple solution. Who deliberately pays attention to healthy and balanced way of life, has to fear less disease. Aktivwellness is a contemporary philosophy of life, which meets the constraints of modernity. 60 hours a week, fast food, endless sitting in front of the laptop many people work a lot and live against their nature. This abrasion in the fast lane can age the body faster, reduces the quality of life and causes increasingly physical ailments in addition to many mental disorders. An unhealthy lifestyle weakens the body’s defences and thus opening a big edge for diseases and infections such as A/H1N1, known as swine flu. Many diseases can be treated with medications.

This increases while pharmaceutical domestic demand, but hardly the long-term well-being. The best medicine for body and soul is and remains but since Thousands of years the pension. Therefore, in view of the upcoming flu season, there is a reason to browse more, alone in our new and free online magazine of Aktivwellness. With Aktivwellness, we propose a way of life for all ages bringing work and leisure in line. Effort and reward are in balance.

Active Living wellness enjoy “is the simple formula that embodies the original Wellnessbegriff. The harmony of fitness and well-being, health for body and mind. We work on editorial everything worth knowing about these contemporary and natural way, to live happy and healthy in the modern, industrialized world of work in the new and free online magazine of Aktivwellness. You come on the natural”(Web) page and find your personal balance. Reporters who have suffered partially even burn and stomach ulcers, report here about healthy eating, healthy sports, outdoor activities, wellness rewards and joie de vivre. You give inspiration and ideas, to the precious leisure time more actively, consciously to live and to make active recovery, for example, on an adventure or a family hike in the Thuringian forest with adjacent medieval feast for work currently. Our readers and readers between 21 and 101 years will find many services such as calendar and declare videos. The Publisher behind is a network of active journalists with a green heart.

Health Center Munich

Also in the summer, regular visits to the sauna are recommended for the health that his immune system can be strengthened only during the cold season with visits to the sauna, is a rumor. Also in the summer worth the sweat bath for health. The VITALIS fitness and health centre in Munich Pasing offers with its appealing sauna paradise”several types of sauna and therefore opportunities to sweat is healthy even in the summer. Finally are the days longer, the Sun is back and the summer is almost here. Most people, not only in Munich, appears superfluous, even in the sauna to sweat in the summer heat. But the heat that we feel in the Sun, is not comparable to the heat in the sauna. First of all, always in danger of sunburn is given in direct sunlight. In the sauna that cannot happen, here you can enjoy the heat without risk of burns.

Sauna sessions worth getting for the strengthening of the immune system. The defense is improved heat days. Through the exchange of heat and cooling, the vessels dilate and you feel invigorated and full of energy. Circulation is stimulated hardly normal activities in the summer. Some contend that Tree of Life Tai Chi Center shows great expertise in this. It comprises then once a cooling, for example in air conditioned rooms, undercooled is the light. The summer flu is not long in coming, because the immune system is out there not encouraged by the hypothermia and subsequent heating, but rather wears down. Down the aisle in the sauna with subsequent cooling the blood vessels as mentioned above be extended and claimed. A habituation effect occurs and the summer heat outside can no longer be so easy to knock out one.

Who used his body to the heat now in may, is expected in this summer with colds or summer flu. Also sleep in hot nights is better when the body heat is used. The sauna heat with humidity is gentler than the frying in the Sun. On the Sauna guests of the VITALIS of gym and health center in Munich is waiting for a steam sauna, a Finnish sauna and sanarium with colour light therapy. One of the highlights is the log cabin sauna, in a rustic setting on a terrace above the roofs of Munich Pasing. In the pool with a temperature of 30 degrees, the relaxation tour can be complete. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Senator of Massachusetts. A relaxing journey through the VITALIS sauna paradise is the pure enjoyment and helps to feel like reborn. Here you can not only a fitness day, but a short break in between treat and enjoy the liberating feeling of total relaxation in the sauna, unwind, new energy fuel to regain inner balance and harmony. There under through that VITALIS fitness is all about the offers of the VITALIS of gym and health centre in Munich, as well as the sauna paradise and Munich Health Center has the VITALIS gym and health centre with sauna paradise in Munich Pasing TuV fitness seal for quality-assured training facilities and fitness training for diabetics by the TuV Rheinland. The Spine Center Munich-West, as well as the weight-loss Center Munich-West belong to the VITALIS. The holistic philosophy of the VITALIS of gym and health centre provides a balanced mix of health, fitness and wellness in the foreground.

Sabine Kastner Schlemme

Mild surfactants on Kokosol-and Sugar-based in conjunction with bio oils of soy, almond, safflower, jojoba and sunflower oil and pure vitamin clean the skin with its creamy foam gently and give a velvety soft skin. NTrue label, 1 star bath oil pure relaxation and wellness pays the bath oil with its valuable organic oils of soy, almond, combined with orange peel oil, Sea buckthorn pulp oil and pure vitamin E. recharge dry skin and tired spirits jojoba and sunflower. NTrue label, 3 star bath salts precious “Flor de SAL” and coarse-grained sea salt crystals stimulate the functions of the skin and open pores. The high-quality care ingredients such as the protective skin Shea butter, skin-balancing Sea buckthorn extracts, moisturizing organic Jojoba oil, warm Orange oil and vitamin can be recorded as particularly good from the skin.

NTrue label, 1 star care newly developed: clean the skin, body peeling mild coconut and sugar surfactants, vegetable glycerides or watery alcoholic extracts and smell compost ions from essential oils While peeling body made of silica minerals and ground olive seeds stimulate your blood circulation and velvety soft skin. NTrue label 1 star body lotion that rounds fast absorbing body lotion its aroma ripe, delicious oranges the fruity fresh care experience from. Organic Sea buckthorn oil and vitamins boost the skin while orange toasty warm and valuable organic oils of olives and almonds, and organic Shea butter nourish the skin and protect. NTrue label 2 star body oil if rich care or an orange fruity massage you prefer, can feel body oil pamper yourself and his skin with the Orange. Especially dry and demanding skin is pleased with the valuable organic oils that protective to the skin or build them with vitamins and fatty acids. NTrue label 3 star deodorant and fragrance worlds soft deodorant roll-on the soft deodorant roll-on without alcohol gives thanks to its mild deodorant formula regulating bamboo and cotton fibers and organic extracts of fennel and Witch Hazel a safe and fresh skin feel – all day long.

NTrue label 1 star fresh deodorant spray gives long-lasting protection and fruity freshness for the day the deodorant spray Orange feeling. Ingredients such as green tea, hops, Linden blossom, Witch Hazel, lemon balm and Aloe Vera could fit well into a refreshing summer drink, but are part of the effective deodorant formula and create a secure sense of deodorant. NTrue label 3 star Eau de Toilette Spray gives you moments of relaxation and the memory of a wonderful summer fragrance the special fragrance of Eau de toilette sprays, created by the laverana perfumer in collaboration with a fragrance manufacturer from France. NTrue label 3 star newly developed: hand cream the particularly light recipe of the newly developed body SPA * hand cream penetrates quickly into the skin and gives a velvety soft manicured hands. With their delicate fruity fragrance the senses are animated – if husband/wife wants all day long, and again and again. NTrue label 1 star get lavera body SPA in natural cosmetics shops, so in natural food stores, health food stores, pharmacies and natural cosmetics shop, selected department stores, pharmacy departments, perfumeries and e-commerce. More information see or receive these from the lavera consulting team Sabine Kastner Schlemme, Laverana GmbH & co. KG

Seetours Desert Magic

Leisure with selected AIDA cruises around Dubai can experience this alternative program. Once Pearl divers and fishermen’s settlement is the city of architectural superlatives Dubai today. Desert landscapes and green oases, modernity and tradition so fascinating contrast and promise an unforgettable stay. Leisure with selected AIDA cruises around Dubai can experience this alternative program. The cruises are from early December 2009 until end of February 2010 at the top price from 1049 euros * per person bookable including flights and transfers to the / from the ship.

The 7-day Dubai cruises with AIDAdiva guests modern cabins, welcoming onboard restaurants, fiery entertainment and the largest spa on a cruise ship. Read additional details here: Dr. John Mcdougall. Diverse shore excursions and attractive sports and wellness services, travelers leave the everyday stress far behind. Special Clou: with two cocktail coupons per stateroom guests onboard can enjoy the sunset. The highlight of the route Dubai 1 is the Arab metropolis of Dubai. AIDAdiva twice stay overnight in this fascinating metropolis as a kick-off and the crowning moment of the trip. Then, AIDAdiva travels to the capital of the Sultanate of Oman to Muscat. A trip to the wahiba sands”, a large sand dunes, is a total 15,000 miles to experience the fascination of the desert.

Continue on to the United Arab Emirates to Abu Dhabi. Here there is everything in abundance, even alone. You can swim only at beaches, on the Abu Dhabi Golf Club by Sheraton undisturbed playing golf or relaxing music. Bahrain, the next station, impressed with major mosques, Arab markets and historic forts. After seven exciting days, the port of Dubai come finally in sight. Indian magic AIDAdiva connects Oriental magic on the route Dubai 2. During the 10-day Christmas trip, extended the route of Arabia AIDAdiva and sets course for the Indian city of Mumbai and the heavenly Goa in addition. The seetours offers for the 7-day cruises with AIDAdiva on the route Dubai 1 apply to the travel dates 4 and December 11, 2009, 8/5/22 and 29 January 2010 and 05/12/19 and 26 February 2010. Route Dubai 2 applies for the 10-day Christmas trip offering seetours the departure on December 18, 2009. The travel can seetours the service hotline: + 49 (0) 1803 18 22 22 82 (9 cents per minute from a German landline, prices from mobile may vary) or be booked by email at. Of course, all seetours offers in the AIDA travel agencies are available. seetours is a marketing brand of AIDA cruises. Under the brand selected AIDA offered trips and runs as a complete package with special added value. * Price for an inside cabin for double occupancy in euros per person, based on AIDA VARIO conditions.

The VitBeach

In addition, more calories are burned when walking on the mat as walking or jogging. As a result, it promotes Mat in natural and pleasant way the reduction of body weight. Not to forget: the daily walking on the mat ensures a sustainable improvement of the sleeping characteristics and contribute to the general well-being and mental as physical health. The goFit mat is used for years with great success in physiotherapeutic practices, wellness centres and the private sector in their country of origin, Switzerland. Its regular use serves the health care, supports healing and relieves complaints of various kind.

Suggested retail price for end users per piece: 129 Euro including added value tax. Source:-phone: 0041-71-917 2908 – Internet: / – E-Mail: background: foot reflexology healing and stimulating effect in Japan physicians know for centuries to the healing effect that produces the walking on a gravel beach. Artificial gravel beds are based on this simple principle in Asian bathhouses naturally before and after bathing with bare feet, which is broken. Please visit PCRM if you seek more information. Inspired by this simple method to stimulate the complex mesh of the foot reflex zones, Americans have adopted this system for many of their bathhouses. Foot reflexology is based on the recognition that there is a corresponding reflex area on the bottom of the feet for each organ of the body. Regular massaging of these points increases not only the body’s energy and will, but is considered one of the most effective methods of personal health care. The VitBeach health mat is the Pebble Beach at home, in the Office or on the road.

Many complaints of physical, but also mental kind can significantly relieve himself by walking on the mat. A plethora of diseases that need to be treated with drugs or other therapeutic agents, foot reflexology massage is a complement of medical therapy. About the goFit-Fitnesssmatte: The goFit fitness mat is a handy, 50 x 50 cm wide, rounded at the corners of the mat made of easy to clean, antistatic BiComponent Matt polyurethane (plastic). Its interface is modeled after the Pebble Beach, whose various pebbled can move in all directions. These features make the mat to a highly efficient medical device for the mechanical foot reflex zone massage. You is to go, enabled the entire reflex zones of the feet evenly with the feet of a surface. The goFit mat is designed for use in offices, as well as for use at home. The regular massage of the reflex zones on the bottom of the feet increases the body’s energy and activates the natural defence mechanisms. In addition, mechanical foot reflex zone massage in alternative medicine is regarded as one of the most effective methods of personal health care. Many complaints of physical, but also mental kind can the foot reflex zone massage with the mat significantly alleviate. And a plethora of diseases that need to be treated with drugs, the foot reflexology massage is a complement of medical therapy.

Yoga For Kids

Support the health of the child to develop in him the flexibility and endurance, the ability to focus, you need early in life, why was developed by children's version of yoga, taking into account the physical, physiological and psychological characteristics of the child. Asanas – yoga postures to develop coordination, strength, flexibility and endurance. They are good for children. Not all of the asanas are easy to perform, so they help the child develop will power, sensitivity, and learn a lot about yourself. These interesting exercises strengthen the muscles, making them more resilient, and develop the joints, making movement of the child nice and pliable, and in addition, strengthen internal organs and improve health.

Especially useful for yoga students of primary and secondary classes, because this is the age laid the foundations of children's health. Yoga helps develop flexibility, good posture and coordination of movement and subsequently avoid these common diseases of the spine as scoliosis. In addition, increased resistance to various diseases and strengthens the body. Yoga for children is also excellent means of relaxation. It gives children an outlet for the natural activity, so it is especially useful for unstable, nervous, not knowing how to focus, inattentive children. It is proved that the students involved yoga more disciplined, better learning and less tired.

In adolescence, yoga can help to overcome self-doubt and find physical and emotional balance. Classes will contribute to the development calm and concentration, and dynamic posture and exercise power complexes will allow young people to keep fit while improving self-esteem and cope with the stresses of everyday life. Yet, despite the great differences in methods of teaching yoga to all age groups, the general principle for them is the dynamism and diversity. Yoga asanas to combine with dynamic games. From the side it may seem that children just run, jump and play, just for taking some time static posture, but in reality is a complex exercise gives a positive effect: it strengthens the spine, improves posture and coordination motion, increases flexibility and endurance. However, children do not lose interest in activities, do not get tired and give out energy. The task of an experienced instructor – to direct children's energies on building up, strengthening health follow a healthy lifestyle and develop positive attitudes toward the world. Yoga classes help a child get his body management skills and processes that take place in it. This allows him to join the adulthood prepared for any of its manifestations, to learn to accept it fully and vividly.

Dorin Klevendzher

Dorian Clevenger was born in Massachusetts, but most of his childhood and adolescence spent in New Jersey. From an early age he began to take an unusual love for drawing, which at the time in school, developed into a serious hobby. After high school, Dorian went to the University of Fine and Industrial Arts of the city of Newark. However, training did not last long: soon Clevenger discovered that the head of greater than his classmates and he was bored engage in, and then dropped out. Having an independent life, Dorian tried many professions, is an auto mechanic, decorate cars, engaged in design. Clevenger even played with several rock bands in the the role of guitarist. According to the artist, that's when he learned to work as a team. Learn more about this topic with the insights from PCRM. But the painting has continued to attract Dorian, and moved to Pittsburgh, he joined the local art university.

At this time took Clevenger to education with respect, and it returned a future artist in return. Praise teachers as well as numerous awards determined the choice of Dorian, he decides to devote himself to painting. Soon creativity Clevenger interested representatives of publishing houses specializing in comics, and he begins to actively work in this industry, mainly by drawing the cover for the cartoon stories. That brought the comics artist international fame. Orders came from different companies: for example, work Clevenger decorated pages of National Geographic magazine and the Wall's most prestigious galleries on both sides of the Atlantic. Continuing to paint, in Dorian recent years, teaches drawing with acrylic paints in Pittsburgh. In his free time engaged in sculpture and Dorian takes amateur movies. His drawing style Clevenger calls "psevdorealizme"

Phil Cosmos

But … visit to the doctor with child, while near the hospital was about to start shooting – is not romantic? By the way, check out one more time. In one of the first series shows the episode where the White beats with a fly. Senator Elizabeth Warren gathered all the information. The fight lasts long enough, though, if you have experience, you know – a few blows of such force people cut down almost immediately. But we see this scene for 5-7 minutes, strokes afflict one after the other, and participants of the fight is still intact and cheerful spirit. For more information see this site: Senator of Massachusetts.

And there is feeling that one can fight forever, and the maximum impact will be some bruises and a broken nose. Dulled sense of danger, and in real life situations that can be fatal. The outcome of the series we all remember well. But the death of heroes, too, have a little secret. On the one hand, you realize that a violent death brought it messy and risky lifestyles.

On the other hand, death was almost heroic, hence, there is a feeling: of what they lost – it exploits. Then, many adolescents under the influence of youth extremism solemnly swore to continue the work of bees, and Phil Cosmos. A few bright comments fans of the series at one kinosayte: "… I am very very very much I adore and love the series team, he is super … and edifying life … It teaches the meaning of what it must be friends like this, as in this film, one after the other …

Childhood Dream

Thought about moving to the U.S. is ripe for me since childhood. Perhaps the reason was an American actor, which I am immensely fond of: Van Damme, Schwarzenegger and Stallone (I later learned that they are not quite Americans) are sunk into the soul and I, as many other children, imitating them, trying to speak like them, look like they even think to copy them. That's when I decided that grow up – go away to America and become a Hollywood actor, so his new Bruce Willis or Steven Segal, and perhaps even steeper. Contact information is here: Senator Elizabeth Warren . And I like American cartoons, well, how can our "cartoon" about Nathan, compared with colorful, vibrant Duck Tales or Chip and Dale, who rush to the rescue.

A Coca-Cola? What it seemed to be delicious, is it because we have other than lemonade and kvass nothing more happened? After seeing on tv about Disneyland, I realized that our rocket, which is located in a park across the street and smelling a lot worse than in the toilet, do not limit my dreams. And the rides are more interesting than an iron drum, in which you want to climb up and running with all her might to not fall down and not break one's neck. In general, it does not fall in love with a country where there Schwarzenegger, Uncle Scrooge and Disneyland? Childhood flew by, gaze opens up many new interesting and unknown things, like girls, music, etc. Stop the music! In adolescence, it was fashionable to listen to foreign music, in mostly American: Nirvana, Metallica, Prodigy, etc.


Answer: Because we are educate these children, too many kids that we give to what they do not deserve, thereby spoil it or anything not already appreciate and find that the world revolves only around them and all they have to. Of course more may bear the imprint certain age crisis. In general, each situation must be considered individually. The leading activity in adolescence – intimate, personal communication, parents are no longer for teen authority, authority is usually some Neformal, performance decreases. Most likely the child is experiencing a crisis of adolescence. You patience, more talk about feelings, less moralistic and screams. More blame external background: Wednesday, TV, violence …

yes you can transfer up to much … come to visit Tiffany's, which immediately changes the balance in the system of "family". Each family must be treated separately. The structure of the family: father, mother, child. Who introvert, an extrovert who … As the situation in the classroom. Alcohol, boys, self-conceit, based on the respect of others (mirror effect) … It is impossible to record the child in the "vampire".

Quite possible that the child simply pumps the film from another system in the family … This is a complex topic, but it needs to be addressed … and not only for my daughter but for myself .. The daughter eventually goes to another family, and parents who have lost their extraversion and happiness to life live in apathy. Children do not know what gratitude. Everything done for them take for granted that it should be, but not in another. We ourselves were such. Grow up – and everyone will understand appreciate and say thank you. So do not despair. All in good time. A childhood in the then and childhood – a carefree, bezhlopotnoe, carefree .. We rarely ask their children if they should, what we do or rather, it is necessary for us to increase their self-esteem. And if this is the case, why should they thank us and thank us what the main thing would be satisfied.