A (H1N1): Active Against Swine Flu

healthier lifestyle with Aktivwellness effect the swine flu panic wave blended abrasion on professional fast lane contrary to a simple solution. Who deliberately pays attention to healthy and balanced way of life, has to fear less disease. Aktivwellness is a contemporary philosophy of life, which meets the constraints of modernity. 60 hours a week, fast food, endless sitting in front of the laptop many people work a lot and live against their nature. This abrasion in the fast lane can age the body faster, reduces the quality of life and causes increasingly physical ailments in addition to many mental disorders. An unhealthy lifestyle weakens the body’s defences and thus opening a big edge for diseases and infections such as A/H1N1, known as swine flu. Many diseases can be treated with medications.

This increases while pharmaceutical domestic demand, but hardly the long-term well-being. The best medicine for body and soul is and remains but since Thousands of years the pension. Therefore, in view of the upcoming flu season, there is a reason to browse more, alone in our new and free online magazine of Aktivwellness. With Aktivwellness, we propose a way of life for all ages bringing work and leisure in line. Effort and reward are in balance.

Active Living wellness enjoy “is the simple formula that embodies the original Wellnessbegriff. The harmony of fitness and well-being, health for body and mind. We work on editorial everything worth knowing about these contemporary and natural way, to live happy and healthy in the modern, industrialized world of work in the new and free online magazine of Aktivwellness. You come on the natural”(Web) page and find your personal balance. Reporters who have suffered partially even burn and stomach ulcers, report here about healthy eating, healthy sports, outdoor activities, wellness rewards and joie de vivre. You give inspiration and ideas, to the precious leisure time more actively, consciously to live and to make active recovery, for example, on an adventure or a family hike in the Thuringian forest with adjacent medieval feast for work currently. Our readers and readers between 21 and 101 years will find many services such as calendar and declare videos. The Publisher behind is a network of active journalists with a green heart.

Yoga For Kids

Support the health of the child to develop in him the flexibility and endurance, the ability to focus, you need early in life, why was developed by children's version of yoga, taking into account the physical, physiological and psychological characteristics of the child. Asanas – yoga postures to develop coordination, strength, flexibility and endurance. They are good for children. Not all of the asanas are easy to perform, so they help the child develop will power, sensitivity, and learn a lot about yourself. These interesting exercises strengthen the muscles, making them more resilient, and develop the joints, making movement of the child nice and pliable, and in addition, strengthen internal organs and improve health.

Especially useful for yoga students of primary and secondary classes, because this is the age laid the foundations of children's health. Yoga helps develop flexibility, good posture and coordination of movement and subsequently avoid these common diseases of the spine as scoliosis. In addition, increased resistance to various diseases and strengthens the body. Yoga for children is also excellent means of relaxation. It gives children an outlet for the natural activity, so it is especially useful for unstable, nervous, not knowing how to focus, inattentive children. It is proved that the students involved yoga more disciplined, better learning and less tired.

In adolescence, yoga can help to overcome self-doubt and find physical and emotional balance. Classes will contribute to the development calm and concentration, and dynamic posture and exercise power complexes will allow young people to keep fit while improving self-esteem and cope with the stresses of everyday life. Yet, despite the great differences in methods of teaching yoga to all age groups, the general principle for them is the dynamism and diversity. Yoga asanas to combine with dynamic games. From the side it may seem that children just run, jump and play, just for taking some time static posture, but in reality is a complex exercise gives a positive effect: it strengthens the spine, improves posture and coordination motion, increases flexibility and endurance. However, children do not lose interest in activities, do not get tired and give out energy. The task of an experienced instructor – to direct children's energies on building up, strengthening health follow a healthy lifestyle and develop positive attitudes toward the world. Yoga classes help a child get his body management skills and processes that take place in it. This allows him to join the adulthood prepared for any of its manifestations, to learn to accept it fully and vividly.


Answer: Because we are educate these children, too many kids that we give to what they do not deserve, thereby spoil it or anything not already appreciate and find that the world revolves only around them and all they have to. Of course more may bear the imprint certain age crisis. In general, each situation must be considered individually. The leading activity in adolescence – intimate, personal communication, parents are no longer for teen authority, authority is usually some Neformal, performance decreases. Most likely the child is experiencing a crisis of adolescence. You patience, more talk about feelings, less moralistic and screams. More blame external background: Wednesday, TV, violence …

yes you can transfer up to much … come to visit Tiffany's, which immediately changes the balance in the system of "family". Each family must be treated separately. The structure of the family: father, mother, child. Who introvert, an extrovert who … As the situation in the classroom. Alcohol, boys, self-conceit, based on the respect of others (mirror effect) … It is impossible to record the child in the "vampire".

Quite possible that the child simply pumps the film from another system in the family … This is a complex topic, but it needs to be addressed … and not only for my daughter but for myself .. The daughter eventually goes to another family, and parents who have lost their extraversion and happiness to life live in apathy. Children do not know what gratitude. Everything done for them take for granted that it should be, but not in another. We ourselves were such. Grow up – and everyone will understand appreciate and say thank you. So do not despair. All in good time. A childhood in the then and childhood – a carefree, bezhlopotnoe, carefree .. We rarely ask their children if they should, what we do or rather, it is necessary for us to increase their self-esteem. And if this is the case, why should they thank us and thank us what the main thing would be satisfied.

Depression In Adolescence

Depression is one of those evils that have already converted and joined the ills that have at this time. Many people of all kinds are added to the list of those who suffer from depression. One of these groups belong to those who suffer are those who live depression in adolescence. In fact, depression in adolescence has become very common in so many parents worried about their children attend clinics and experts on adolescent behavior for advice and assistance to make their children regain their joy and happiness for life. Those who live depression in adolescence are people who are particularly vulnerable to the disease. Depression in adolescence is presented in a transitional age in which young people must address several crucial aspects of their lives that mark all his behavior in the future.

These people, being in an age where they are trying to form their identity, are quite likely to take refuge in depression as an attitude that is taken with all the pressures that can bring the conflicts of his age. There are several things that people close to a person with depression in adolescence should know. You must first identify what are the basic needs a person with depression in adolescence that force you to take an attitude toward life feeling sad, helpless, depressed. Among these needs is the need to be valued by others, the needs of affection which might have the person, the need to feel safe from life and able to face any difficulty and there is a need to treat philanthropic people well and be kind to their peers. Note that often these needs can make someone act in a manner contrary to how if needed. This is a feature of depression in adolescence. Indeed, the young man who suffers from depression in adolescence menundo expresses the qualities contrary to their needs as well, this person says is worthless and does nothing I can do that other people will appreciate, is osco in dealing with people and little emotional, sometimes violent, which makes it difficult to feel affection for.


Dreams occur in humans in early childhood – to be like a hero, to become an astronaut, a general. Well, the idols were not deprived of any generation: for whom – Chapaev, for whom – Rambo, to anyone – Gagarin. The children begin to play their dream. And for them it is not just a game, and the simulation of future states. In the future someone is at the level of their child's dream, someone change with age guidelines, terms, conditions, but the game is not interrupted. Passes childhood adolescence, youth, and people going through all the stages of growth and training, takes time to realize their creative potential. Now, he chooses the game, as it seems, deliberately.

In fact, options are not so much: sex, wealth, power, and science. And since the acquisition of experience, there is, say, and some skepticism, all these desires man casts a rather sad look. Sex – the available wealth – well, more one million, what next? Power – the 'dirty' science – at an impasse. Where is the place for creativity here and eternity? Built a bridge person, and wants it to be forever. Wrote the song and wants it to be forever, made the discovery set record, and also wants it to be forever. But the bridges are destroyed, the songs are forgotten, are refuted by the opening, beating records. So, to eternity in our world there? It turns out that we have nothing left to posterity? But this should not be! We do not could create the word 'eternity' in the absence of such a notion, which is part of the universe.

O eternity, the existence of spiritual worlds, and much more, tells us the wisdom of Kabbalah. Student of this science, reveals itself in these worlds and stay in them. Sure, it sounds fairly abstract, although the real and virtual reality in our time is rapidly approaching each other … Let us imagine fantastic situation: thanks to a time machine, man of the future is in our century comes to a movie theater and sees there is life, but some other, vaguely reminiscent of that which is in his mind for him … What can be watching the movie: illusion or reality? What if we also look like 'film' and just do not know that we are in 'theater'? Then, this analogy may help us to imagine a future in which the picture universal universe is inside his mind, moving at the end of the life cycle of one body to another. Universal picture of the universe at these 'transitions' is preserved. Is not this this eternity, which we want? Article Source: http / /:

Russian Advertising

Any advertisement seen not only in terms of content of objective information about a product, but also numerous formal and dynamic characteristics. These include relatively simple features such as color, font, geometric shapes, etc. And also more complex, such as promotional ideas, images, form of address to the client, style, humor and more. I would like to trace the peculiarity of these characteristics on the example of Russian advertising dynamics. Speaking of pre-revolutionary period in the history of Russian advertising should be noted strong expression of her national traits.

This constant immersion in the history of Russia, Russian folk tales and narratives, Speaking about the storyline. Accordingly, it is used and the attributes of the Russian style – ornament, color. Actively exploit the positive image (in the understanding of the Russian people) – the image of kindness, generosity, openness, sometimes refractory logic risk – these are images of a hussar, a generous master, the Russian beauty Apparently based on the fact that among the large percentage of the audience were (as indeed are) Muslims Russian Advertising manipulated images of Eastern mythology and history. It seems that few in any other culture encouraged the image of "a fool", we know that this way abound in Russian folk tales, which are undoubtedly reflect the mentality of the people As mentioned pre-revolutionary ads were full trappings of the Russian style – ornamentation, which is reflected in presenting the font is to use initials, monograms. A favorite Russian red color, "Kumacheva shirt, once again welcomed the audience, was associated with wealth, , fun and celebration.