Russian Advertising

Any advertisement seen not only in terms of content of objective information about a product, but also numerous formal and dynamic characteristics. These include relatively simple features such as color, font, geometric shapes, etc. And also more complex, such as promotional ideas, images, form of address to the client, style, humor and more. I would like to trace the peculiarity of these characteristics on the example of Russian advertising dynamics. Speaking of pre-revolutionary period in the history of Russian advertising should be noted strong expression of her national traits.

This constant immersion in the history of Russia, Russian folk tales and narratives, Speaking about the storyline. Accordingly, it is used and the attributes of the Russian style – ornament, color. Actively exploit the positive image (in the understanding of the Russian people) – the image of kindness, generosity, openness, sometimes refractory logic risk – these are images of a hussar, a generous master, the Russian beauty Apparently based on the fact that among the large percentage of the audience were (as indeed are) Muslims Russian Advertising manipulated images of Eastern mythology and history. It seems that few in any other culture encouraged the image of "a fool", we know that this way abound in Russian folk tales, which are undoubtedly reflect the mentality of the people As mentioned pre-revolutionary ads were full trappings of the Russian style – ornamentation, which is reflected in presenting the font is to use initials, monograms. A favorite Russian red color, "Kumacheva shirt, once again welcomed the audience, was associated with wealth, , fun and celebration.