Dreams occur in humans in early childhood – to be like a hero, to become an astronaut, a general. Well, the idols were not deprived of any generation: for whom – Chapaev, for whom – Rambo, to anyone – Gagarin. The children begin to play their dream. And for them it is not just a game, and the simulation of future states. In the future someone is at the level of their child's dream, someone change with age guidelines, terms, conditions, but the game is not interrupted. Passes childhood adolescence, youth, and people going through all the stages of growth and training, takes time to realize their creative potential. Now, he chooses the game, as it seems, deliberately.

In fact, options are not so much: sex, wealth, power, and science. And since the acquisition of experience, there is, say, and some skepticism, all these desires man casts a rather sad look. Sex – the available wealth – well, more one million, what next? Power – the 'dirty' science – at an impasse. Where is the place for creativity here and eternity? Built a bridge person, and wants it to be forever. Wrote the song and wants it to be forever, made the discovery set record, and also wants it to be forever. But the bridges are destroyed, the songs are forgotten, are refuted by the opening, beating records. So, to eternity in our world there? It turns out that we have nothing left to posterity? But this should not be! We do not could create the word 'eternity' in the absence of such a notion, which is part of the universe.

O eternity, the existence of spiritual worlds, and much more, tells us the wisdom of Kabbalah. Student of this science, reveals itself in these worlds and stay in them. Sure, it sounds fairly abstract, although the real and virtual reality in our time is rapidly approaching each other … Let us imagine fantastic situation: thanks to a time machine, man of the future is in our century comes to a movie theater and sees there is life, but some other, vaguely reminiscent of that which is in his mind for him … What can be watching the movie: illusion or reality? What if we also look like 'film' and just do not know that we are in 'theater'? Then, this analogy may help us to imagine a future in which the picture universal universe is inside his mind, moving at the end of the life cycle of one body to another. Universal picture of the universe at these 'transitions' is preserved. Is not this this eternity, which we want? Article Source: http / /: