Why Do We Cry?

Healthy tears for healthy eyes. You really cry out, that feels good! Tears make happy! The fact is that everyone is crying. Only crying not all equal. While a tear on the cheek if some people already with joy, others very rarely or only secretly cry… All the people crying. People have a tears apparatus to protect the eye.

Lacrimal fluid is formed if necessary – and a possible foreign object is out washed out of the eye.Tears are cleaning. An enzyme in the lacrimal fluid acts infections contrary to and inhibits bacteria. People also cry to express feelings. This draws attention to our fellow human beings on us. Children and adults cry to be observed, other people to show their feelings and to draw her attention to something. A crying man excites compassion, and we take care of him. Not always cry people however, to trigger reactions in their fellow human beings.

Rather the wines from other people is the most uncomfortable, the older they are. Often it is in this way his feelings to show, it is interpreted as “Weakness”, even socially proscribed. In particular it is considered “unmanly”, so many men really work off the wines themselves. Up to puberty, girls and boys equally much crying. We cry at funerals but why we cry at weddings? Wines of course is not a product of logic. Nevertheless, the reasons why we cry are not illogical. We cry rarely about the past and more about the future. We cry at funerals, because we remember that the deceased will no longer be with us. And we cry at a wedding, because we are witnessing one of the happiest moments in life, and because we know that the sad moments in this life will be many. Or we cry because we us worry about whether the bride and groom can comply with, what they promise today.