Gerhard Wisnewski

The people expected to answer questions. The province of Carinthia but remains silent. Still the accident can be considered by Dr. Jorg Haider not completed. To do this, namely many questions are unanswered. In the meantime the responsible people in Europe represents the official position namely\”of Carinthia and of the Klagenfurt public prosecutor in question. […]

The Member Of Parliament 1920/21 In Lower Austria

The political and social composition of the No. Landtag, the State election of 1919 was the only State election before the separation of Vienna as the local authority of the country of lower Austria and creation of independent double authority of Vienna as a city and municipality. The three traditional camps National-Liberal, Christian social and […]

Why Do We Cry?

Healthy tears for healthy eyes. You really cry out, that feels good! Tears make happy! The fact is that everyone is crying. Only crying not all equal. While a tear on the cheek if some people already with joy, others very rarely or only secretly cry… All the people crying. People have a tears apparatus […]

Lisa Neumann University

Psychosomatic disorders increase good school grades are today more than ever a must. But even a good testimony, not one hundred percent guarantees a job. And all the world but slowly anyway about climate change underlying. Trials and tribulations of the youth of today are varied and often difficult to access. The number of those […]