Anti-Cellulitus Exercises

To make exercises to reduce cellulitis is not only a form to stay in our ideal weight, also it helps to release to tension and stress us. Nevertheless, the physical changes will be always well-known not only as far as volume but also as far as the appearance of our skin, seeing themselves the more healthful and polishes and disappearing the horrible skin of orange. If unfortunately your study and/or schedule does not let some chance to you go to the gymnasium not you worry because a great variety of exercises exists that you can realise from your house and without the need that you buy some type of equipment. For the first exercise you must of recostarte in the floor, mouth arrives. Flexiona the knees and places a cushion among them making a little pressure so that this one does not fall. What you must do is to lift the hips contracting the abdominal ones and the glteos. Beam at least three series of 10 repetitions each. For the second of the exercises to reduce cellulitis you must of hincarte and support your forearms in the floor.

Soon currier’s knives a leg while the other remains flexionada and supported to the floor. When the East the leg until it is in line of parallel form to the floor and with the hip, you do not have of olvidarte to contract the glteos. The leg repeats east exercise several times alternating that you stretched. For the third exercise you must be standing up, with the slightly separated legs. You must raise a leg, like taking a step, trying of which your thigh is of parallel form to the floor, that is to say that your knee must form an angle of 90 degrees, while your back follows straight line.

With this exercise it is not necessary that you remain immovable, you can moverte by all the space while alternating the leg that you rise. In these exercises to reduce cellulitis, you do not forget to contract abdominal and the glteos.