Educational Context

The Psicopedagogia is the area of the knowledge that if appropriates of the construction of the learning human being and all its complexity. The learning process human being is continuous and is on cognitivos, affective, motor and social the factors. Being thus the Psicopedagogia it is not lingered in only investigating the process of the […]

Quitting Smoking And Not Gain Weight

Why do so many put on weight, quit smoking when? One often hears that smokers, particularly women, are afraid to quit because of the danger grow stout. Such fears are exacerbated the underlying problem – smoking. The fact that smoking – it's so complex and difficult problem that face it, even distracting to other problems, […]

Haller Science

No less frequently changed and they are also his profession and specialty, is powerful genius could not be satisfied with their one kind of science, and it is in her to speak. ‘5. Endocrinologist is open to suggestions. These are strong, a great interest in the minds passionately devoted to science and eagerly take up […]


What it more strengthens each time the importance of a psychologist acting inside of the pertaining to school environment, to guide and to assist all involved in this process, being developed research in the scope of the education and making group or individual psicopedaggicas interventions. Observing the possible factors that can be harming the learning […]

The Psychologist

The psychologist must be available to follow the emotional reactions that occur during and after the notice. PERFORMANCE OF the PSYCHOLOGIST the idea who still many people have is of that the psychologist has one ' ' good papo' ' , or that it is there it stops to convince the patient to accept some […]


The playful activities/to play for children, are extremely important for they inside of its social conviviality (for the promotion of the socialization/to live in society), pertaining to school (in the learning process) and in the elaboration of its sufferings in result of some trauma, illness, hospitalization, and are a tool extremely valuable it psychologist to […]

Oriflame Cosmetics

If Oriflame cosmetics sold in stores, the prices would be much higher. – A method of direct sales, which used by companies to avoid high taxes. At the same time, we can always offer more expensive series such as Giordani Gold. Watch for reviews of cosmetics in glossy fashion magazines. Quite often carried out by […]


Part I the word TO BE of Latin figicare means to park in a place, not to leave it. Thus, the term to be in the current use of our time, represents sufficiently popular, brief, temporary a relationship affective, descompromissado, volatile, and imediatista between the adolescents. The adolescence for same itself finished for gaining a […]

Library Service

This without speaking in other consequences as: increased consumption of coffee, alcohol, incapacity of concentration, frequent conflicts, feeling of onipotncia, low personal income and raised taxes of occupational absenteeism. Some scholars of the subject defend the Syndrome of Burnout as> being different it estresse of it. They allege that this illness involves negative attitudes and […]

Divine Child

Arqutipo professor/pupil and arqutipo of the custodian-wounded one Is possible to relate arqutipo professor/pupil with some mitolgicas figures: the first one of them is the Divine Child. The myth is characterized by a child, with a miraculoso birth and an extremely adverse infancy, with abandonment and persecutions, but that he would be the great rescuer […]