National Assembly

For the first Cuba has an autocracy because the population does not have right to vote for different parties that offer different programs or plans of Government and the regime persecutes his opponents. For the latter the revolution comes backwards towards the market and creating a new oligarchy that is increasing inequalities, so these proposed bureaucracy and internationalizing the process. In Cuba President has been agreed in meetings of leaders of the party and this has been endorsed in a National Assembly. This mechanism differs from the rest of American republics where the President is elected through massive elections under universal and secret suffrage. It is also not the same as that proposed by Lenin in the State and revolution where raised that status should be dissolved and that leaders should be elected and revocable at base assemblies. The Castroite, however, defend his model arguing that elsewhere in the hemisphere heads of State are hereditary monarchs or Presidents who obey to the dictatorship of money; its leader has always had (during his 49 years in power) a great popular support (which many Democrats rulers do not); the place where most are violated human rights in their island is in Guantanamo where accuse U.S. of torturing its prisoners; and that true monolithic is required to prevent us and their worms to be their island the brothel of America. For many Social Democrats and Liberals Cuba has been doing a sort of Red monarchy in which the head of State is inherited between brothers and the Castroism castrates the freedoms and human rights. To the extreme left Cuba should have a dictatorship of the proletariat but the Castro come encouraging a new breed or class of rich and creating another dictatorship over the proletariat. Most of the Governments of Europe and the Americas would like Cuba to evolve gradually and peacefully towards a multi-party democracy with free enterprise.