Montessori Learning

Maria Montessori (1870 – 1952) opened the first kindergarten in 1907 in Rome. 100 years have passed and now there are already thousands of organizations in Germany, which operate on the principle of Montessori education. Others who may share this opinion include Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. 600 of them are day-care centers for the […]

What Students Should Know About College

For all students, even dream of going to college, I have some advice: do not graduate. Yes You heard me. Not graduate. I’m sure dozens of intelligent people have said that you need to go to college and get good grades to get a good job that offers good benefits. Find out detailed opinions from […]


Is of utmost importance to have an electronic newsletter by voluntary subscription, this allows to be in permanent contact with your subscribers. Since not having permission to access certain data such as your name and e-mail, you’ll be losing time and money since these people will be a moment in your web site, then be […]

Aggressive Footballer

The requirement and the aggressiveness in appropriate doses are two very positive elements that properly combined should be especially taken into account by the football coach at preparing his team. If a coach is demanding in the measure that can get the player something that this is capable of giving, is making a very positive […]


Publication of scientific articles in several stages, initially to agree on the theme of a scientific article with the supervisor, explains the editor in chief of the scientific journal "Economy of Sociology and Law." The second step is to actually write the text of the article. And the scientific article should be a part of […]

Obligator Insurance

The fiscalization is imperfection and corrupt, where the facts are not dealt with imparcialidade, the fiscalization forgets that it I transit pertence to all and fits they to keep the order and to make with that the laws are fulfilled, more lamentably is not this who we see in the day the day. One individualistic […]

The Population Of The Earth

In winter 2006 the world population exceeded 6, 5 billion people, while less than 20 years ago July 11, 1987 the figure stood at 5 billion the entire second half of XX century was accompanied by rapid population growth, the so-called "Population explosion". According to most scientists, the earth is overpopulated, and a further increase […]