Paso Caring

Don’t worry about anything, I do it all for you. I’ve seen people who are able to do whatever is in their pairs, while the other half of the couple is comfortably watching TV, spending time with friends either, living very unconcerned by their family responsibilities. Partner rescue effect is due to an affective emotional dependence, which is clearly seen in links with codependent people. Of course, you do by love, but a love encrypted in child dependency. The message is: you can not grow, I do I charge everything because in the background not I trust you for these people, the fact of rescuing their partners, all and each one of its problems, becomes your sense of existence.

They require someone who care, the problem is that they are healers from all over world, and especially, of the couple, even if their inner lives are made a chaos. Are not able to see what happens to them and how they feel, on the contrary, know how they feel others, and in addition, are given very good advice, that they are unable to put into practice in his personal life. They are generally linked to couples who have economic problems, family chaos, destructive relationships with other people, some addiction like alcohol, eat compulsively, and up to deliver your money as long as your partner don’t worry about anything. With two wishing with one worry and occupy enough, it seems to be the motto of these rescuers of love, or as said Susan Forward, those or those who love too much. Carers and rescuers spend their days solving problems, just enjoy life, are always filled with earrings and ultimately will have only themselves, but from a perspective full of unconscious resentment and incomprehension. Codependent people, carers and rescuers help that their partners are in trouble, but what are going to care for or rescue. .