D-day, June 6, 1944 – Omaha Beach

A unique exhibition in Germany …so is a highly impressive special exhibition from August 15 to December 20, 2009 in the presentation room of the H.E.K.Creativ publishing house in Garbsen (Frazione Schloss Ricklingen) is located near Hanover. As \”D-day\” (decision-day = decision day) the first day of the great invasion on June 6, 1944 was named by the Western allies in Normandy, and as \”Omaha Beach\”, one of the two American country sections, in this case on the coast of the region of Calvados. Here 34,600 American soldiers met on this day only 300 German defender and whose later arriving Griffin a reserve. They all wrote world history – on this day whether they wanted it or not… Tony Mandarich wanted to know more. On the occasion of this unique exhibition of the D-day experts and author of military history, Helmut Konrad Freiherr von Kaluba, was conceived and designed, and for three months in a specially equipped Museum in the immediate vicinity of the historic \”Omaha Beach\” an international audience presented – with excellent resonance. This from Kaluba said: \”I’ve seen tears in the three months on the ground in the eyes of many exhibition visitors, especially at D day veterans and their relatives…\” The exceptional and still advanced for Germany exhibition, which also once extensively the German side shows, illustrated with over 300 large-format illustrations and concise, explanatory texts in German, English and French language, original footage as well as various objects and coloured boards and maps as a guide the terrible hostilities that six-kilometre Beach, where began the liberation of Europe and the end of the second world war as only such. Far away from any pathos and free from any ideology this exhibition shaken their visitors by their unvarnished truth about the cruel fighting, who for the Americans initially with a terrible disaster began, yet at the end of this memorable day by forming one, although only small bridgehead to success – however led to a very high price… .