Keep Calm And Relaxation

Not wealth nor splendor, but tranquility and work, those that provide happiness. Thomas Jefferson From the moment we were given the opportunity to live, we know we are tested in situations that often stop to get ahead, it requires calm, calm to meet them. The calm energy is a sheltered, inviting the managerial knowledge, especially before tests where necessary to retain the key, our ability to properly manage energy, give way to mind is harmonic to generate the actions that are required for get ahead of the evidence. Have you amazed agitated, nervous, disharmonious with conflict situations? How do has faced? What has been his calm, comfortable? What has been done towards ensuring calm, calm in tough times? What prevents you from achieving? Are some questions that demand answers in order to determine how important it is to cultivate, properly handle the calm, comfortable. We are reminded that Calm is an ongoing process through distinct stages, develops all the elements that will help you renew your life passing by moments of reflection, relaxation, preparation and action. Through this process you learn to identify and change negative habits that impair our quality of life, and develop new ones to tap the time, control emotions, to master the body and incorporate into our lives to live a more balanced routine. shows this connection, we can use in all areas of our lives, at work, with children, with partner, family, friends, with everyone in general and comes great when we have to solve a problem or situation out of place. .