Summer Trend Hairstyles 2011

Hair exactly from Freiburg im Breisgau informed with the onset of summer, it is time for new trend hairstyles. Micael Huber, expert on modern hairstyling from Freiburg, reports on the year’s summer trend hairstyles. In the summer of 2011 is above all versatility. A single trend hairstyle there, but the demand for expressive styling. At home curling irons, dry shampoo, hair gel and hair wax help further to get a perfect look. Curls are in. In this year’s summer, they are however conspicuously extravagant and wild, rather than adapted nicely. Intensive, is it small curls or light waves, target, to attract attention.

So the wild Mane is not undesirable harmless, including curling irons and heat protection hair spray are used. The sleek look, as of strict side parting proves extravagance, coolness and trend orientation or using hair gel outside the face fixed, have their rightful place these haircuts both in working life and leisure activities. Must be taken in the context of daily hair care. the necessary fixation hair gel sparingly between the approach of the hair and ears to use. Once again, a more summer hairstyle is the Bob. A short neck is currently combined with long front hair, very trendy.

An asymmetrical cut shows courage and guaranteed attention. Not only in Hollywood and fashion shows big hair cuts can be found in this year. Due to their volume, they give special expressiveness, which gladly worn on request in the form of mane with matte style long hair. Short hair cuts are still in the summer landscape of the trend. The classic pixie is also represented, such as modern variants of the undercut and asymmetric cuts. Their range of variation short haircut can reduce both teen and fancy or elegant. The deeply-cut bangs is the trend in this year’s summer. Eyes mysterious blanketing or as a more effective framework for narrow face shapes, straight lines are possible, like naughty frayed. It is not easy to find an ideal summer hairstyle. As a long-time expert for hairstyling Micael Huber assist its customers here with an individual consulting to the page. In his Freiburg hair salon he answered any more questions about the summer trend hairstyles 2011 press contact hair-just contact Micael Hubert 79117 Freiburg im Breisgau, Schwarzwald str. 57 Tel.: 0761 / 22723