Bavarian Forest

Country hotel is House of Waldeck in the Bavarian Forest for dog lovers, well equipped in Haidmuhle in the South of the Bavarian Forest is on 20 and 21 February 2010 considered international sled dog race Haidmuhle instead, which at the same time German Championship. About 120 teams will hunt through the snow. An interesting program, with races in seven different categories awaits the visitor. Ranging over 32 kilometers from the short Sprint distance race. Haidmuhle promises an exciting event for dog lovers. Many of them combine the trip with a holiday in the wintry Bavarian Forest to Haidmuhle.

And many take to their four-legged friend. In the Landhotel Haus Waldeck in Mitterfirmiansreut, not far from Haidmuhle. A related site: Dr. Neal Barnard mentions similar findings. There are the winter vacationers crackling snow, clear air, Sun, recreation for body and soul. And dogs are in this three-star comfort with its family atmosphere expressly welcome hotel. The three stars stand for lovingly furnished rooms, each with colour television (SAT-TV) and shower / WC. Who would choose also the suite with Gallery and panoramic views, separate living room and bedroom, bathroom with WC and shower panel, can. Comfort prevails also in the cosy lounges, of which one with a fireplace and two televisions. To get the children’s play room and a separate library with over 900 books and beautiful reading chairs, as well as other indoor products such as billiards, darts and table tennis.

The wellness area Vita finds more and more friends with the indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi and solarium, sauna and steam sauna, gym, massages and Ayurvedic treatments (by specialists and recipe). “The award comfort” also applies to four-legged guests. The Landhotel Haus Waldeck is well prepared for dog owners. It is located at the quiet end of town, just behind the House a 600 square metre dog course with tournament-agility equipment extends. The nearby meadows, forests, and trails are ideal for the short run, the medium walk or the long walk with the dog. Are a delicacy guided tours through the snowy Woods and over the Summit of the National Park Bavarian Forest. The tours take between two and four hours and are good to go for everyone. Bayerischer Wald (HZBW) offers these tours country hotel along with the dog Center. Always popular are also the hiking with snow shoes (there in the hotel). Of course, Mitterfirmiansreut has also a wide range of winter sports. Next to the House you will find a great penchant for sledging and bobsleigh rides. Convenient access to the cross-country network of cross-country ski runs, stretching about 35 miles from here. And with the junior ski circus to the family ski area Mitterdorf it is also not far. The ski centre around the Alpine mountain (1140 m) offers also great fun for adults with its five ski lifts, which open up ski slopes of varying difficulty. At the place there is a ski school and a ski rental service.

Short Holiday In The Romantic Hotel In Bavaria

Gourmet weekend in the upper Palatine town of Parsberg Parsberg (tvo). Finest Upper Palatinate way of life enjoy holiday in Romantik Hotel Hirschen in Parsberg. The traditional enterprise with its own butcher’s shop stands for culinary enjoy according to ecological principles. Others including Tree of Life Tai Chi Center, offer their opinions as well. Typical delicacies are created according to old recipes and products from the region. On the table is the best of field, forest, pasture, meadow, water and floor.

Also at the rich breakfast buffet with its exceptional range taste the guest what you pay attention particularly in the deer. Good food combined with wonderful walks in the varied landscape of the Bavarian Jura his talks the Sears gourmet weekend”with two nights that the Romantik Hotel Hirschen for 155 euro per person. Arrival is on Friday or Saturday. During their stay, guests can use the Garden spa with its small, fine bathroom facility as well as the source of deer wellness therapy and beauty treatments. Information and bookings: Romantik Hotel Hirschen, Dr.-Boecale-Strasse 2, 92331 Parsberg, Tel. 09492/606-0, fax 09492/606-222,,.

Styria Winter

The absolute highlight is the new \”skyline\” \”Hochsteirische winter\” collection will soon hold. The days are shorter, the nights longer. The temperatures are the forests and snowy fresh, in deep. The high Styria invites you to the winter holidays. The range for winter holidaymakers is diverse: from skiing up to the snow-shoeing on cross-country skiing, tobogganing and skiing go – high Styria is a place that is for the active winter athlete as created. But also the \”winter sleepers\” comes not too short: far away from everyday mobile make a romantic stroll. where is Fox and Hare \”Good night\” say – just turn off and inhale the rest. The \”Hochsteirischen wellness oasis\” – themed provide warmth: think only of himself and his health and relax! Also the ski resorts of high Styria have prepared themselves for the forthcoming winter season: on the Semmering Stuhleck has for the season 2009/2010 in a new ski ticket online invested sales system, which allows the Lift ticket already to buy from home via the Internet.

Never again wait at the ticket office! Also has invested in a new parking system. A snow-tubing-Bahn was built – drift and swirl through the high-speed corners – a real treat! An absolute highlight is the new \”Skiline\”-any skiers can experience the reached altitude and km of slopes of the ski day directly on-site. Also, the snowmaking were strengthened and widened the white Elf downhill slope. The natural paradise Aflenz civic realm offers a family treat: accompanied by two adult adults, a child are free until 15 years and children up to six years. On the fairy mountain in Mautern, the entry in the \”children’s land\” is free of charge. The rope tow and the magic carpet can be used free of charge. And for those who appreciate traditional, there is in the Carnival season, from November 11, 2009 11:11 until the end of the Carnival on Ash Wednesday, a spectacle, called: \”Mardoff & crime\” in Styria, high! An evening with humor, cuisine and customs, the are during the day with Winter sports combine perfectly! (see appendix) And what would be a highly Styrian winter without the traditional stock sports? \”Dumplings curling\” – old classic fetched, but! This package for small groups is available and it is also a great idea for a company Christmas party. At the \”dumpling curling\” is hard fought the most dumpling! (see appendix) The advent season with the many Christmas markets and advent events among the most breathtaking time in Styria high.

Hotels And B & BS In Cuxhaven

A wide variety of hotels and guest houses can be found on the entire German North Sea coast, one finds numerous spa towns and seaside resorts, where many people spend your holidays all year round, in the North Sea Spa of Cuxhaven. The largest among these spas is the North Sea Spa of Cuxhaven. The city is situated on the Elbe estuary and is divided into eleven Spa parts. Hundreds of different types of accommodation can be found here. In addition to apartments and guest rooms, there are a variety of hotels in Cuxhaven, in all price ranges. Specifically in the resort part of Duhnen, you can probably call the most fashionable of all Spa parts, some four star hotels are in the class of hotels at home.

The one or the other hotel is run even among the best ten hotels in Germany. These houses have distinguished themselves offers in particular through your wellness, leaning to the part on the local conditions, say the situation in the North Sea. Here are to name a few: Schlick wraps, mud treatments, and corresponding massages. In addition to the Spa, these hotels feature offers of course due to an outstanding kitchen can certainly be measured against international standards. Hotels in all classes of stars of vacationers is of course a large number of cheap guesthouses.

These are recommended, which must look on the holiday budget and therefore prefer an inexpensive guesthouse, hotel in Cuxhaven, just for those. Bed and breakfast, often still private, rented out, offer an even cheaper option, to spend his vacation in Cuxhaven. However, this type of accommodation is more and more supplanted by other offers. For the holidaymaker who seeks natural luxury and service, it can recommend but only one of the four star hotels in Cuxhaven. M. Braam

Health Travel

The LandVital Aurum health health travel prove uniqueness when the days get shorter and knock the plump raindrops on the window, one craves wellness travel for warmth, for relaxation and a pleasant feeling that reflects the character of warmth and well-being. These moments are rare in life, because they are a special privilege, you must yourself with conviction. For the cold winter days of the year 2009 the country has come up with vital some new offerings for a health holiday health and wellness Academy and they all inspire with a spell that could hardly be more breathtaking. Once again hosted by the professionals of the country can be vital lead Academy in the art of special health and wellness. Targeted content are mediated, the show for health-related travel that you can indulge the guests in your hotel or in the own pension and prove to him, that he is welcome.

A special highlight of this year’s offerings is without a doubt the introduction to the country Vital Aurum health gemstone treatment, the first vital offered health and wellness Academy in the country. The massage was developed by Manuela Wargener is at the heart of this new offer. It is the composition between the warm aromas and unique gemstone beads which brings the face of this application to the rays. With these two compositions health and wellness Academy in Germany are stimulated in the gemstone treatment of the country vital certain points and at the same time also selected meridians. The method carried out there and the warmth is not only very human senses, they ensure that numerous physical ailments can be forgotten. Numerous tensions, but also suffering in terms of physical and mental resolve vital health and wellness Academy with the new gemstone treatment in the country. At the same time, you get the feeling conveyed that it is in good hands.

In the experienced hands of therapists, you can let yourself fall, relax and find that, what in many other life situations already is lost. The vital has country health and wellness Academy but dropped still more new offerings. The stamp massage with warm dune sand and amber oil is like a Symphony for the health and human senses and gently caresses the body at the points where you yearning for comfort and warmth.

Seetours Desert Magic

Leisure with selected AIDA cruises around Dubai can experience this alternative program. Once Pearl divers and fishermen’s settlement is the city of architectural superlatives Dubai today. Desert landscapes and green oases, modernity and tradition so fascinating contrast and promise an unforgettable stay. Leisure with selected AIDA cruises around Dubai can experience this alternative program. The cruises are from early December 2009 until end of February 2010 at the top price from 1049 euros * per person bookable including flights and transfers to the / from the ship.

The 7-day Dubai cruises with AIDAdiva guests modern cabins, welcoming onboard restaurants, fiery entertainment and the largest spa on a cruise ship. Read additional details here: Dr. John Mcdougall. Diverse shore excursions and attractive sports and wellness services, travelers leave the everyday stress far behind. Special Clou: with two cocktail coupons per stateroom guests onboard can enjoy the sunset. The highlight of the route Dubai 1 is the Arab metropolis of Dubai. AIDAdiva twice stay overnight in this fascinating metropolis as a kick-off and the crowning moment of the trip. Then, AIDAdiva travels to the capital of the Sultanate of Oman to Muscat. A trip to the wahiba sands”, a large sand dunes, is a total 15,000 miles to experience the fascination of the desert.

Continue on to the United Arab Emirates to Abu Dhabi. Here there is everything in abundance, even alone. You can swim only at beaches, on the Abu Dhabi Golf Club by Sheraton undisturbed playing golf or relaxing music. Bahrain, the next station, impressed with major mosques, Arab markets and historic forts. After seven exciting days, the port of Dubai come finally in sight. Indian magic AIDAdiva connects Oriental magic on the route Dubai 2. During the 10-day Christmas trip, extended the route of Arabia AIDAdiva and sets course for the Indian city of Mumbai and the heavenly Goa in addition. The seetours offers for the 7-day cruises with AIDAdiva on the route Dubai 1 apply to the travel dates 4 and December 11, 2009, 8/5/22 and 29 January 2010 and 05/12/19 and 26 February 2010. Route Dubai 2 applies for the 10-day Christmas trip offering seetours the departure on December 18, 2009. The travel can seetours the service hotline: + 49 (0) 1803 18 22 22 82 (9 cents per minute from a German landline, prices from mobile may vary) or be booked by email at. Of course, all seetours offers in the AIDA travel agencies are available. seetours is a marketing brand of AIDA cruises. Under the brand selected AIDA offered trips and runs as a complete package with special added value. * Price for an inside cabin for double occupancy in euros per person, based on AIDA VARIO conditions.

Campsite Porto Of Sosalinos

Choose Porto of Sosalinos for your vacations, one of the few eco-friendly campsites in Sardinia to the vacation in total relax to spend camping & bungalows Porto of Sosalinos is campsite by Roberto family as exceptional and Beate led, it is located just 150 metres from the beach, ideal for anyone who wants to spend a holiday far away from the typical organized vacations. Like you can watch the photo gallery on our website, to make you a picture of the natural beauty that surrounds our camping. If you think, for example, that a walk on the beach is not enough to relax one hundred percent, foot reflexology and Reiki are just a few of the offered massages in our Wellness Centre. If you are looking for does not the rest, Sardinia is campsite Porto of Sosalinos suitable to exert many different sports to it the possibility of the equipment of the kitesurfing on a beautiful to lend little touristy beach just 20 minutes from the camp: we organize courses for beginners to win with short duration to the confidence of the kite under your feet and to create the start in the water. A backpack, bottle of water and a sandwich, camping & bungalows Porto of Sosalinos organizes unforgettable excursions in the heart of Sardinia: from the pristine beaches of Cala Luna, Cala Mariolu, Cala goloritze, Cala Biriola, and Cala Sisine up to the Summit of Monte Corrasi can you choose and of trained mountain guides accompany you to the beaches of Orosei and the Sopramonte. And this is only the beginning: in the camping you can also practice diving, canyoning, climbing, bungy Yumping, boat trips for an unforgettable holiday! The camping is geared to maximum to protect the surrounding countryside of Sardinia: the water is warmed up by the solar panels, so you can approach you in the holiday of nature and its respect. Our flagship product is the bio-reactor to treat wastewater, it allows us naturally to convert wastewater into a clean resource of a chemical nature better than it the law prescribes. What are you waiting for? Our contact camping Sardinia Porto of Sosalinos Web page to organize your holiday in a beautiful natural oasis! Elisa.

While Thai Airways

mail. tel. + 49 (0) 3491 fax 407373. + 49 (0) 3491 407376 tour operator: ID Travel World GmbH Mayor str. 16A-c DE-06886 Wittenberg Tel: ++ 49 3491 407373 fax: ++ 49 3491 407376 email: contact person for press inquiries at ID travel world: woman Nele Bartels public & costumer relations mail: ID travel world GmbH Mayor Street 16 DE-06886 Wittenberg Tel: ++ 49 3491 407373 fax: ++ 49 3491 407376 mail: ID travel world was founded in 1997 and is renowned special travel provider for Southeast Asia and India with a focus on hotels, Flights, tours, trips, diving offers, wellness and honeymoon packages, excursions, individual tourism in Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Viet Nam, Laos, Hong Kong, the Philippines, India, Singapore and Malaysia. While Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, major airline partners are Singapore Airlines, China Airlines, Emirates Airways, Etihad Airways and Malaysia Airlines also ensures quality and safety as the 48 offices in 12 countries, about the ID travel world Guests are served individually and reliably and form a complete network, the travelers competence and safety travel guarantees. Personal contact and support, as well as friendly service are the most important components of any ID travel world travel site.

But also new partners, like Oman Air or new, special hotels, tours, tours, cruises keep program the ID tour world innovative and constantly expanding the range. Get all the facts and insights with James A. Levine, M.D., another great source of information. In addition, approximately 10,000 lump sum special offers ID travel world offers about 5,000 individually combinable travel modules such as hotels, tours, wellness packages, honeymoons, car rental, dive trips daily to Southeast Asia and India. Through constant product innovation, ID travel world offers sustainable and future-oriented products, which often are unparalleled. In addition, 80 percent of trips are can be booked directly online. For many years, travel ID travel world be guarantor through travel”secured and guests receive the appropriate backup notes for ID travel world Package tours.