Information for the press with great concern”observed the private campaign with (he) art against FGM”, where artists, musicians and writers have joined forces, the current discussion about the impunity of circumcisions. Isabel Henriques, initiator of the project, says: when boys with legal permission are ritually circumcised may why not girls? “That, as Henriques, would make all efforts to end female circumcision niece. The campaign makes it clear that she don’t want to go above against religions and rites. We respect and take care of Jews and Muslims, who are advised by the draft law in the discussion. “The proposed law concerns only the circumcision of boys in Germany. The campaign refers to the United States. There there were a huge outcry when the American Academy of Pediatrics (pediatricians) requested religious circles a ritual circumcision (ritual nick) as a possible alternative in the year 2010 a complete rejection of female circumcision has proposed. For even more opinions, read materials from Dr. Neal Barnard. Thus the pediatricians wanted to save operations in their home countries the girls, which often take place under catastrophic hygienic and medical conditions and often have the death resulted.

Pressure from the global human rights organizations, the Academy quickly withdrew this recommendation. To Isabel Henriques: we criticize and condemn not the ritual circumcision, but this deprivation on children are not able to be carried, even a conscious decision to make or to defend against it. In our eyes, it should be the task of the Government remains to preserve the right to physical integrity at a young age, and not any pressure to give in to, no matter which district he’s, or what arguments are used. “The initiative pointed out that even boys would circumcised in Africa, under the same bad conditions like girl. Also, hospitals in the third world often offer no protection to children. But even in State of the art clinics in the United States or Europe, the children not against medical damages or death were immune. As the sad case in Cologne, which ultimately caused this dispute, clearly shows. Contact for the press: initiator / Coordinator Isabel Henriques press officer: Silke Porath

Lisa Neumann University

Psychosomatic disorders increase good school grades are today more than ever a must. But even a good testimony, not one hundred percent guarantees a job. And all the world but slowly anyway about climate change underlying. Trials and tribulations of the youth of today are varied and often difficult to access. The number of those who can no longer withstand the strain increases with the increasing pressure. As the news portal reported, these problems often expressed in psychosomatic complaints. The biggest hurdle for the treatment is the correct diagnosis. Doctors suspect often organic causes for unexplained headaches, abdominal pain, or back pain in adolescents.

Just for youth and pediatricians is therefore much necessity in the acquisition of appropriate skills. Often, the simple question of whether the pain affect the rest of the night, would already suffice to uncover psychosomatic causes. In addition, it is necessary that to doctors of their special role as Confidant of adolescents become aware and more attention to non-verbal communication. Because often target young people do not have the deep ersitzenden reasons. In addition, that is health ( gesundheit.html) of young people in the average General has deteriorated. Every third of them considered already chronic ill, which is also a more psychological distress. While there are efforts among physicians already reinforced, is to familiarize with the theme, but this can only be a first step. Because the incidence of psychosomatic-related pain symptoms in young people is rising steadily. More information: ../jugend-voller-kopfschmerz/1/ contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59