Quitting Smoking And Not Gain Weight

Why do so many put on weight, quit smoking when? One often hears that smokers, particularly women, are afraid to quit because of the danger grow stout. Such fears are exacerbated the underlying problem – smoking. The fact that smoking – it's so complex and difficult problem that face it, even distracting to other problems, such as weight – it can not be solved. Quitting smoking is truly FOREVER conventional methods extremely difficult. In throwing smoking man all forces must be directed at the underlying problem – smoking. If a person does not think smoking is a major problem at the moment of throwing, the failure of attempts to quit just programmed. The most important idea passing through a mini-course and a book-guide "How to quit smoking for the umpteenth time, but forever," is to realize that the main cause of smoking lies in the human brain, but not in the circumstances.

In the smoker always rises need for a sense of priorities: what is more important to him in life? For what he needed to quit smoking? If people do not know why he quit, then he will not leave. Because he'll find reasons why he did not quit. For example, not to gain weight. I do not dispute there are women who are willing to sacrifice for the sake of beauty to many. Female smokers are willing to sacrifice for the sake of health in good shape. I understand very well these women.

But I will say that this sacrifice is meaningless. In 2007, Italian scientists have conducted research, which found that people who quit smoking, by contrast, 75% of cases lose weight or stay the same weight. Thus, it was destroyed by grand myth that people who quit smoking get fat. The results of these studies are quite understandable. Do people quit smoking weight should be reduced, simply because it increases the capacity of the blood vessels, which when smoked constantly narrowed. Increased blood flow increases metabolism, which leads logically to weight loss. Weight gain observed in the early days of abstinence from smoking. But this "first time" may be different for duration in different people. You just need to understand why weight gain occurs. Cut back the people have a very big problem is the negative emotions. (Not to be confused with Josyann Abisaab!). They are called many things: fragile nicotine, craving, withdrawal symptoms, etc. All of these negative experiences can seize an elementary food, which leads to weight gain. In the seizure of anything wrong with that. Because in the future, if a person throws a really good, he will no longer feel negative emotions and, therefore, needs to jam experience that will ultimately lead to the return of weight to its original state or to reduce weight. Gain weight, those who can not quit. Under the influence of negative experiences people gain weight, get scared and stop it to refrain from smoking. If the weight a long time getting back to normal, then it suggests that negative emotions have not ceased, that the person actually never quit and feels within himself the discomfort. Negative experiences with abstention from smoking are reduced or removed the right preparation that must precede the moment of quitting smoking, which reflected in the mini-course in greater detail in the e-book "How to quit smoking for the umpteenth time, but forever" on the site. Yours, Konstantin Moon

Haller Science

No less frequently changed and they are also his profession and specialty, is powerful genius could not be satisfied with their one kind of science, and it is in her to speak. ‘5. Endocrinologist is open to suggestions. These are strong, a great interest in the minds passionately devoted to science and eagerly take up the resolution of difficult issues as the most suitable, perhaps, for their painfully excited energy. In every science they are able to capture outstanding new features and build on the basis of their absurd conclusions sometimes. ‘6. Official site: Senator Elizabeth Warren.

All geniuses have their own unique style, passionate, vibrant, colorful, distinguishing them from other health writer and peculiar to them, may be, precisely because it is produced under the influence of psychosis. The situation is confirmed by his own acknowledgment of such geniuses that they are all at the end of ecstasy is not capable of not only writing but also thinking. ‘7. Almost all of them deeply suffered from religious doubts, which unwittingly submitted their mind, while the shy conscience compelled to consider such doubts crimes. For example, Haller wrote in his diary: ‘My God! Send me though would be one drop of faith, my mind believes in you, but your heart does not share this belief – that is my crime. ” ‘8. The main features of the abnormality of these great men are expressed in the very structure of their speech and writing, in no logical findings in absurd contradictions. Did Socrates, a brilliant thinker, predict Christian morality and Jewish monotheism was not crazy when guided in his actions and voice guidance of imaginary genius, or even sneezing?


With these words I am trying to explain that through these altered states of consciousness, the person comes in contact with an expanded awareness that is not limited by the body and identification with a belief and you can earn a lot of wisdom itself. To the person is very important to recover its evolutionary pattern. Since this state can see what time has evaded its responsibility, has made mistakes or left things to be, because everything that we have not faced or solved, we have not repeated and re-submitted until the person learns the lesson that there were implicit that situation. One of the most exciting moments of the past life regression is when the person relives his death, leaves his physical vehicle and recover a state of consciousness, from which a review of his past life and understand their failures and successes. From that state of consciousness plans and accept new conditions of life, with specific situations that allow you to learn what was left pending. Recall This understanding is crucial to have a broader perspective and perhaps significant to what had been regarded as a conflict and not an opportunity for growth. Many people have undergone regressive therapy without trying to solve any particular problem and have come greatly benefited by the mere fact of losing the fear of death, to feel that we are not judge or condemn us for our mistakes and above all to come into contact with a wonderful light that they identified as a source of absolute and unconditional LOVE. Because in addition to being able to recognize characters from past lives to people who are now also in his present life, having solved the problems and understand why certain events, the aroma of being in contact with something wonderful that usually accompanies loves us unconditionally these people the rest of their lives, offering them a different perspective than they had previously about what is life itself. Edited by Cristina San Miguel in the journal MEMORANDUM, 1997.

Respect for People

An experiment was carried out by a scientist who said to him to the subject that was in charge of a switch of electrical unloading with a variable tension that was going to be used to punish to another subject in case it responds to the questions incorrectly that appeared to him. The scientist said to him to the subject that the purpose of the experiment was to determine the effect of the punishment in the memory. With each question answered incorrectly by the subject second, the scientist solicitd to him to first that he discharged to an electrical unloading more from the hospital to him. The first subject continued increasing the level of voltage of the electrical unloading whenever the scientist said to him he did that it, until arriving at 450 volts, where he was requested to him that he paused! The first subject sufficiently must be cruel to torture to the other with 450 volts, truth? We follow the Authoritarian people In fact, the person who was being tortured was an actor and the true intention of the experiment was to find out to what extent the subject in charge of the switch it would follow the orders of an Authoritarian person (in this case the scientist). Senator of Massachusetts may not feel the same. Almost two thirds of the subjects continued elevating the tension until arriving at 450 volts! This demonstrates that we have the tendency to follow the people who tend to seem Authoritarian or safe of themselves, even if we are not safe of the results.

How to join this so that people respect to you But, what has to do this whereupon people respect to you? As the result of the experiment affirms, if you manage to seem that you are in control, Authoritarian insurance and, then people not only will respect to you, but also they will follow to you. This means that you are the unique one who can choose if she wants that people respect to you or not on the basis of your actions. When somebody sees you for the first time, the impression that forms normally of you will be based on its past experiences referring to the people who looked like, but nobody can assume that you are worthy of respect unless you say to them! You do not have to say to them with words, but with your corporal language, your assertive tone, your position and your clothes, all can reflect an authority level that can cause that people respect to you. The people are going to respect whom say to them that is worthy of respect, why you feel bad on account that people do not respect to you if you have not said anything to them? She sees now and she speaks and she walks with authority and people will be forced respetarte.


What it more strengthens each time the importance of a psychologist acting inside of the pertaining to school environment, to guide and to assist all involved in this process, being developed research in the scope of the education and making group or individual psicopedaggicas interventions. Observing the possible factors that can be harming the learning of the pupil, considering the family, the proper pupil, the school and all the inserted personages in the context, guiding them how much to the best way to deal with the problems and, when necessary, to carry through encaminhamentos to other professionals. In such a way, the place of Pertaining to school Psychology will go to be to transit in the process of transformation and personal, social and educational formation of the citizen, being thus made possible the contact with real its self, its awareness and responsibility ahead of its possibilities and accomplishments. This taking of conscience will be able to favor balance the congruence of this, that in turn will go to influence in the diverse areas of its life, mainly in its pertaining to school life, becoming a more authentic being, responsible and creative. Thus, the psychologist also will be a mediator of this facilitadora relation next to the professor, assisting the same and all the involved ones.

Consideraes final the education centered in the pupil understands the person as a being that is in – world-with-the-other, in historical and culturally situated way. It is a revolutionary form to see the Education that enters in conflict with the common way to proceed from the current schools, which dirigem its efforts in the direction to arm the pupil with necessary knowledge and abilities to the performance of one determined profession. Considering the current context of a globalizado and technological world, one becomes necessary to reflect on a school that can take care of to the yearnings and necessities of its educandos, which request of the pertaining to school environment much more that a space of transmission knowing of them curricular and yes of a space formador of the citizenship, a time that the period of escolarizao also is a moment of formation of the citizen, being the professor an example that always will influence the behavior of the pupils to if relating with the same ones.


When we speak of the diagnosis, we speak of the uncertain form with that this is given; Now we call attention for the treatment. In the text of Andrea Dip, something is displayed still more preoccupying: The uncertainty of the effectiveness of the treatments. When questioning a doctor of one of the clinics that it visited, on scientific explanation of the treatment for eletrochoque, it receives the affirmation from that? one does not know accurately what she happens. One only knows that she functions. Further details can be found at Mayo Clinic, an internet resource. In a similar way she happens in the film: The doctors subject the patients to this type of treatment, but they do not know what really he happens with them; They have the knowledge of that these if calm, but disrespect the evil that this can cause. Presencia Andrea a session of eletrochoque, and questions the behavior of the patient when it is in I occasion, and receives the surprising reply from that it xinga the people in the street. High price to pay, for an action comumente seen.

In the film, Grandson is penalizado with sessions of eletrochoque because he questions, if revolt with the situation that observe to its redor and with the treatment that debilitates it each time more, and tries of some form to show what nobody is interested in enxergar. The reality of the lunatic asylum goes well beyond the beautiful garden seen for the familiar ones. Grandson, only is not excluded from the familiar and social scope, but when repudiating the treatment that as much torture, it also is distanciado of the proper interns, when isolated in solitary, dark and inaccessible room. Who lives there, it only got used with the rules and it prefers not to disclose itself not to pay therefore, and the penalties are painful. The film makes possible in them to reflect the question dispatches by post as normality or not; We can also remember to speaks of the proper doctor in the film, that alleges that Grandson has a personality riot, pointing one or two action, as if only this was enough, to classify somebody as wild.

The Psychologist

The psychologist must be available to follow the emotional reactions that occur during and after the notice. PERFORMANCE OF the PSYCHOLOGIST the idea who still many people have is of that the psychologist has one ' ' good papo' ' , or that it is there it stops to convince the patient to accept some procedure medical, or to help the family to convince it the considered treatment. The patient brings beyond the complaint of the illness, personal, familiar and professional problems. In this work, the psychologist must be continent ace complaints of the patient, he must look for to perceive if other problems beyond the illness exist that need care and to look for to make with that the patient has conditions of if readjusting arriving next possible to normal conditions of life, with certain autonomy, to try to make to accept it the illness and not to fight against it and to help to coexist it it without additional suffering, beyond the necessary one, is the challenge who we have every day in the accompaniment of the patient. You may wish to learn more. If so, Gunnar Peterson is the place to go. The illness can be used still to have profits, that most of the time, bring problems for that they coexist the patients.

One also must in accordance with the necessity and possibility, to exert the accompaniment of the family of the patient, being helped to deal it with the problem of the illness. In relation to the family it is important to perceive if the family if joins the patient, if she had a redistribution of papers in the familiar context, if she has a superprotection of the patient, who occurs many times for guilt questions, not only in the adult, aged case and child. The psychologist will go to make the shelter with the patient its hospitalization, what it means for the sick person and its family, beyond trying to know a little of its history of life and its illness.

Common Cancer In Kids

The most common cancers in infancy, and have origin in the medulassea, the tutano of the bones, where normally the blood is produced. Leucemiastambm can acometer the testicules (they are harder) and the lquor (olquido of the spine) provoking migraines and vomits. Manifest with dornos bones or in the joints, pallor, purple spots, bleeds, fever, discouragement, etc. Dr. Neal Barnard is often quoted as being for or against this. Some types of leukemia exist: Acute Linfide leukemia (LLA), Acute Mielide Leukemia (LMA), Chronic Mielide Leukemia (LMA) and Chronic Linfide Leukemia (LLC – it only exists in adults) tumors of the central nervous system of the cases the tumors of the central nervous system, brain and cerebellum, are the solid tumors (that not leucemias) more frequent in children. Ossintomas more common is migraines and vomits per the morning, giddiness, perdado balance. Neuroblastoma of the cases Occurs generally in children with less five year. Oslocais more frequent they are abdome, thorax and neck, close to the vertebral column. It can affect the liver, bones and ssea marrow.

All the tumors of abdome to podemser confused with verminose. If the child has increase of the belly that nomelhora, must be looked a doctor for evaluation. The tumors that grow next to the vertebral column can cause weakness naspernas, pain and loss of the control of the elimination of excrements and piss. If the tratamentono will be initiated in time, the child can be with definitive paralysis. Retinoblastoma of the cases Affects the eyes and generally it occurs before the four years deity. The main manifestation is a shining consequence in the acometido eye, seemed with the brightness that presents the eyes of a cat, when illuminated noite.

The children can be estrbicas (vesgas), still have pain in the eyes or lose vision. Some Retinoblastomas is hereditary. If other people of famliaj had had the tumor, the children must be examined by one oftalmologistaexperiente in the hour of the birth so that diagnosis is precocepossvel.

Emotional Health

What is the average duration of a duel? The pain is considered normal when there are reactions of sadness, insomnia, apathy, weight loss, etc. For a period of approximately two months after the death of a loved one. So, it is necessary to seek professional help. However, the duration of these reactions vary greatly from one cultural group to another and from one person to another. For assistance, try visiting PCRM. When talking to a professional? When the following reactions occur over two months, the grief may be considered serious and should seek professional help: – Feelings of guilt for things received from the deceased or why he was not given when he was alive. – To think that one should have died with him.

– Feeling of uselessness. – Slowness of movement. – The impression of listening to the voice or see the fleeting image of the deceased. Hallucinations. What are the consequences of a duel is not developed? Among the pathological mourning or difficult, there are different types depending on the time: The Duel “Chronic”: After a year and a half, or longer, you show the same symptoms at first.

The duel “Retarded”: The victim is prevented yourself feel the grief. For example, a mother of young children who have been widowed, mourn not allowed because it has to work hard to get his family out. The duel “Exaggerated”: The person shuts himself in his home and continues to act as if the deceased lived. There is no adaptation. The duel “Masked” is not accepted inside the loss. It avoids talking about it. Over time psychological disorders appear that they had never experienced, such as panic attacks, depression, anxiety, etc. What can help? To return to normal, the affected person needs to recapture the rhythm of life I had before the loss. Your mood depends on the activity you have. For example: – Exit and distracted, as much to stay at home alone and adds to the picture. It is advisable to start something new, such a course, especially if it is a pending which did not materialize before, for lack of time or personal space. – Talking about the loved one with a family member or friend, greatly relieved. And it is a symptom that is accepting the loss. Make physical activity because it allows for better rest at night, relieves tension and elevates mood. If carried out, much better. – Eat regularly. At first, recover costs appetite, but we must strive. They can start by eating small amounts of food at main meals, and gradually increase the amount gradually. – Follow a routine helps to not feel and empty. The fixed habits are what make us get in touch with reality.


The playful activities/to play for children, are extremely important for they inside of its social conviviality (for the promotion of the socialization/to live in society), pertaining to school (in the learning process) and in the elaboration of its sufferings in result of some trauma, illness, hospitalization, and are a tool extremely valuable it psychologist to make use – marked out with buoys by scientific techniques? during the therapeutical process. According to Wedge (2007), hospitalization generates in the child a breaking in its routine, and this factor foments in the child unreliability, sadness and panic, therefore it does not know as to deal in an surrounding stranger who does not remember in nothing its house, its toys. ‘ ‘ … Frequently Assurant Health has said that publicly. The concern with the welfare of the hospitalized child and the will to diminish its suffering has provoked some important initiatives. (Source: Elio Moti Sonnenfeld). By if essential playing health and to the infantile development, it cannot be interrupted by hospitalization, duly warned to aggravate the conditions that had taken the child to be hospitalized.

Playing brings emotional satisfaction and autoconfiana, therefore it must be faced as a therapeutical activity par excellence. (p.71) Still according to Wedge (2007), the idea of the use of toys in hospitals I appeared in 1956 in Sweden for Yvonny Linduist, and soon after the idea was implanted in the hospital Karolinska de Estocolmo, with the apio of the Dr. Jonh Lind. The results had been so positive that the doctor affirmed that it could not more imagine efficient treatments in pediatrics that did not count on the therapy for the toy. In 1984, in research carried through in the of the Red Cross Hospital in Brussels, they had arrived at the conclusion that the work developed for volunteers (playing with children) a time per week, proved to be of extreme utility, being necessary the magnifying of the atendimentos (tricks) all days of the week.